Courage To Act

Cinematic experienceIn a winter seasonWhere thick snows freeze the soul Ice breeds the dark crawlingsBursting out from the wish portalShape teeth with the tongue flappingGuards were down a long ago Roaring noise stretches the sky to greySaliva drips in toxic acids These murder thousands in their sleepThrough the most fearful idea they can seed Dare […]


Something Meaningful

I’m sad, because I’ve lost something I deeply care for But I’m happy, as with every losing hand there is freedom for something else I’m awaken, since I can no longer turn my blind eye away the cold and needs in every cornerstone there exists an untold story with tragedy I’m well eaten, For the […]


On God

Make no mistake He doesn’t forsake Kindness at his heart Malevolence shows mercy impart Trust in the process Faith in God progress The watch He has Ain’t the same as Our timing we wear Blessing has already been made The moment you wish So stay calm and don’t let your dream fade Hardships are there […]


Light & Darkness

There can’t be no light without dark ‎ Without darkness there is no heat No sound and love And belief ‎ Though without lightness heat will be gone Sound doesn’t continue Love can’t be lasting And every belief goes to grief ‎ So there can be light and darkness ‎ Moving in positive direction When […]

Dancing Physical health


This is a video I filmed for my dearest friend and now I feel that I should share it with the world too so the encouragement contained within this video can spread throughout. Through dancing, although somewhere along the line you will most likely end up practicing with yourself a lot of times, the self-examining, […]



I see the death everyday A group of sad prayers before the sick bed A father before his son’s grave I see the death in your dream The hollow spaces wish to redeem From the deeds that remain unseen I sense the death everywhere I go Death in the eyes and death in empty vessels […]