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Why Self-Belief Is Important?

Simply put, self-belief synergises our thought and action towards the achievement we want in life.


It’s a fundamental source of self-consciousness to dictate our life direction. How to navigate our life direction? Change our belief. For example, we’ve got to believe we can get a straight A+ in school before it can really happen. Our belief is the direction for our efforts putting into.

Belief doesn’t cost us anything other than mental effort and complete trust. While belief is usually referring to religion, which is another great topic we can explore in the future, this article focuses on harnessing this belief power and apply it to any aspect of our life for the manifestation of whatever thing we wish to achieve.

For many, to believe that is possible is the most difficult thing in their lives.

“To believe I can make it through hardships, even I was being adopted, broke, bullied, and labeled as useless. Being treated like one of those low-lives. To believe I am the one who can make changes and overcome the difficult steps. To believe the dream and vision I set on my sight is right and that is the path towards my desired destination.”


What if LeBron James didn’t believe he could make it to State Champion, then National Champion and then playing his way to NBA? And What if Serena Williams didn’t believe the tennis skill could take her onto the tennis world stage and continue thriving even at the very top?

Everyone has different dreams and desires in this world. Some might realise them sooner and some others might realise their purposes a bit later but that’s not a complete disadvantage. Every experience is meant to grow us.


The truth is, there are a lot of distractions to wear our energy down, to make us forget what we truly want to accomplish, or the things we once set our vision at. Especially we now live in the modern age where technology is rapidly transforming our lives, making us forget our physical ability to achieve something far greater than the little screen in front of us, and the societies value more on economic interests rather than arts and humanities.

But so what? We come to earth with nothing but a ticket. If life is meant to be an experienced journey for us, what’s left we’re afraid to lose?

Imagine a lot of people have to sit at their work daily for salary. We’ve been running a lot, which makes us easily forget where we come from and our passions for something. Too many things going on in ones’ lives, so how can we expect people to mute the noises from the outside world and look into themselves, and find their true purpose, what they passionate about, and believe they can achieve their greatest potential.

We are easy to talk ourselves out of the impossible, and then we fixed the impossible to unreachable.

“There isn’t any opportunity you know….”
“Sorry… I don’t have time for that.”
“I’m too busy now.”
“Phew! I’m tired.”
“ Oh god, that’s too much of work…”

Where and when these occur? To re-experience this kind of voices again, simply take a look back at our new year resolution again in the past three years.

Some might want to lose weight, some others look for true love. Some crave traveling around the world, and some people wish to have abundant wealth. Some want a painless state of being, while some others want happiness.

Regardless of how abstract the wishes might be, we can all achieve the end goal because there are steps in-between every wish. (*Note that kids imagination wishes, like magics and sci-fi fastasy, can be translated into artworks like writing and such. So in a sense it’s still possible.)


Let’s take the abstract element ‘happiness’, as an illustration.

Step 1) Find a piece of paper and pen to write 5 things down that would make you truly happy
Step 2) How to get/achieve them? Ask yourself this and write down solution(s)
Step 3) Connect the dots
Step 4) Believe it, take action, enjoy the process and embrace the success
Step 5) You’ll be happier than ever before, because that’s what you truly want.

It’s that simple. Our action is the driving force to take us closer to the end goal, but it’s our belief to give the direction along the way.

Reviewing our new year resolution from time to time, and visualising the progress bar again, and be appreciated just how far we have accomplished so far, our made-up mind evolves us to become the person we wanted to be. Every step counts, no matter how small.

Not to mention opportunities are everywhere, it’s the same as happiness. They are infinite. Although we have been planted with the idea that things are finite. For example, from finite seats in a theatre to finite positions in a company, to finite billionaires in the world.

We can’t blame them, because life does appear this way like everything can be numbered. But in truth, things are infinite; as life is an endless cycle of the present. So they will repeat with variety, ultimately the same. Therefore, if you dare to demand the universe to give you a seat, regardless of the outcome or where it ends up, there will be a seat for you. The same as the opportunity, happiness or abundance, they are always infinite, though it requires one’s efforts and the awareness of infinite amounts in the existence.

Do you believe in yourself you can do it? Like absolute belief? How much do you believe in it?

Now, here is the solution when we don’t believe in ourselves we can actually accomplish. It’s very simple:

The action reaffirms our belief.


The reason why somebody achieves what they have today is their actions are aligned with their belief every single day.

LeBron James plays basketball resolutely. In the eyes of many, he is practicing. But without a doubt, he is reaffirming his belief that he is the greatest player of all time. He moves and sharpening his skill every day to make himself believe he is capable. He doesn’t just let the fantasy goes over his head, he puts it into work, and now we see the result from his hard work.

By going through the process of taking action to our passionated area(s) every time, we can strengthen our belief and reaffirming ourselves that, yes we can do it too. We’re capable. How simple is that?

We’re unstoppable. Remember our energy is abundant even after we leave this world (Our Legacy). There is nothing too late and nothing we cannot do it. it’s just about redistributing our energy and focus again. No regret, have faith, let’s make a new beginning.



So, what do you want to achieve this year? What is your dream? Tell me once again how to reaffirm your belief?

Thanks for reading this article. I hope it helps you in any way. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them, so let me know in the comments 🙂 And as always, Stay safe stay healthy.

Photos by Katrina Wright, Shane, Alysha Rosly, Lorenzo Lamonica, Marvin Meyer, Emma Matthews from Unsplash

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