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Why inner struggles often go unnoticed?


We’re arriving at the age of poker face mastery where everyone needs to put on their masks in public. The person that you’ve talked to in the last event who seemed happy might suffer mental issues you wouldn’t know. We tend to build invisible walls around ourselves when we have inner conflicts emerge, and being too embarrassed to speak about. Even when we consider whether to talk to someone about the struggle, it’s another conflict bearing in our head. Screaming does not help much. The inner voice visits so often when you’re not prepared.


Imagine the voice that causes all of the turmoils inside your head is a crystal ball, and you’re in the room with it all this time. The more and harder that you throw it away, the same energy will bounce back to your face. It feels like unbreakable and you’re very, very tired of it. The indescribable pains transfer onto your physical body, inducing chest pain, fatigue, hallucination and so on.



Mental illnesses do not happen overnight. They have been stacked on for prolonged times till your mental strength finally collapses. Whether the cause comes from your childhood experience, family or social pressure, it turns into a monster that out of your control now. It isn’t merely the past experience created the monster, it rolls out the larger size of it by new encounters you have every day such as interaction with people, reading news, other people stories. The problem is beyond only that particular tragic past, but it has added more negative emotions overtimes. We stop to speak up about it and somehow afraid to face up the primary cause.


Nevertheless, this is exactly the gateway to fix the cause; identifying which parts of the past develop the unbearable symptoms in you. Before we dive into the self-healing process, we need to know what we’re dealing with. After that, we diagnose what causes all of those internal conflicts.


You should break down your mental problems (any), by defining the issues as a rough draft. Down below are the examples for references.


For instance, if you have anxiety, worrying about many things such as,

family relationship (maybe a broken family background),
future prospect (Jobs – what if I won’t earn enough, can’t get to the position I want, study,)
Social status, ( social pressures from peers – frame, salary, pride, self – esteem)
relationship with friends ( betrayal, gossip,)
marriage ( what if things don’t work out, children)

and more. After writing down all the issues makes you anxious, Then ask yourself what behinds all these?

The answer is fear. It’s the fear behind all the miserable curses, making you worry about what you believe is important. And yet, all the noises are only noises if you shut them down right now, your mind will be quiet like sitting on a beach. You can choose either worry about all the things, be fearful till you go to bed tonight, and continue the cycle tomorrow, or stop worrying for a while, letting your brain to rest. Solutions will manifest naturally if you’ve proper rest, less worry.

If you have depression, feeling the world is hopeless and dreadful, colorless like it always has been and you’re tired of all of this. Pushing people away because you don’t know or how to trust them. Feeling uncomfortable when you have to talk with someone about your issues. Well, write down what makes you depressed. Be honest with yourself.

Possibly you don’t feel love around you. But have you tried to be the active person to reach out, to open up about yourself; what upsetting you about? Then attentively listen to the person’s feedback and determine to fix the cause? If you haven’t done these steps, it’s the fear that stopping you from doing so. Be honest.

Honesty has its own power that shines like the sun.


To every problem, there is a solution. To every mental issue, there must be a fear to the person in which, whom he/she can’t get out of the loop. While it takes some concentration and time combining with little mental exercises, the fundamental of all is to believe. You have to believe that you can break the curse and you’re doing it now.


If you were on a battlefield, the mental issue was no bigger than an enemy itself. If there is an enemy then there must be a weakness within. The mental disorder can sneak on your back because it sees your vulnerability, ambushes on you when you’re at the weakest state. After all, they’re the finest mental engineer in its design. To fight any mental disorder, all you have to do is to believe in yourself from the start. In a war, if you have no faith, you’ve already lost the battle before it even begins.

This article is a following up what emotions can do to us. In the next article, I’ll be sharing ways to fight the bad boss mentally, providing you sword and shield, so stay tuned. If you have any question or story to share, please DM me or comment below, I’m more than happy to hear from you.


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