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Why Do Arts?



Arts help ones to relieve stress, develop their concentration and critical skill, and these are just the bricks of the art range can offer. Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand ourselves as well as the world around us. It is an essential part of our culture because it allows us to have a deeper understanding of our emotions; it increases our self-awareness, and be opened to new ideas and experiences.

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Nowadays, our world is facing enormous problems that require instant solutions to tickle, no matter which nation you’re in. For example, from food shortage, to drained healthcare system across the countries, to aging population, to poverty, to inflating unemployment rate in economic view that overseeing our global social structures are fragile. And there are also environmental issues, such as overpopulation, climate change, disease spread, and air pollution.

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Creative solutions are urgently needed more than ever. Art doesn’t limit to only the conventional beliefs or fixed in certain subjects. Art, by definition, is a diverse range of human activities that express the creator’s imagination, conceptual idea, technical skill, or intended to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. So basically everything we can sense, can be art.

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Coming back down to our personal scale, the internal struggles such as low self-esteem, or negative emotions create fear. The external factors such as conditions we have while living in society making us worry very much, like competition or material security.

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Stress and anxiety are filling in the air, though we can choose not to breathe them; work stress, personal stress, family stress, social interacting stress, and many more. While a certain level of stress can be helpful at times, as I agree stress can push us forward in some ways, we need to be aware of the stress level as it will turn into a chronic one, which we do not want it. (Stress-related article will be coming soon.)

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Additionally, stress and anxious feelings serve as big barriers for many people who lack confidence in their art sense or they don’t believe they have the art element within. With too many things happening in one’s life it might be difficult to tell them to slow down and feel what art is giving them. In other cases, the stress or anxiety comes from the childhood memory of one that he or she had experienced scold words from the elders who said they didn’t have talents to do art whatsoever.

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We need to erase the stress and anxiety to let art comes into our heart.

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For many incredible artists, art is an escape from reality. They can switch off the wire that is attached to reality and focus on the canvas for the time being, to produce something satisfying and meaningful.

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Some might ask, how?

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It’s because they love the craft. They enjoy doing it. They can feel a sense of accomplishment, and it’s fulfilling.

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One of the misconceptions about art is that art is boring. While some subjects might not be the taste for everybody, but there are also different genres like music, dance, graffiti, and more. Even an art advocate for voicing up their community is still a part of our bigger picture of art creation.

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And to know that being an artist also develops one’s courage, because, in the end, the artwork will be presented to the world. Therefore, there are also fun challenges within, but as you go down to your art path, you will see more and more familiar faces that, who are just like you, expressing their own worlds and trying to find alikeness in a blip of the vast universe. This helps you realise what life means to you, if you’re looking for one. It would be ashamed for one who doesn’t experience art on his/her own this lifetime.

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Life is like four seasons
jumps and leaps
in spring

It passionates for dreams
on tropical thirst
ripening to gold skin
at the fall of dusk

The older the wiser
Who can rattle
In the biting air

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Now we’ve learnt a bit of “art”, how to take action?
Well, a good way to develop new activity is to plan and try it out.

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Let’s call it an action month.
Take the next month, plan a new activity, whether it’s a drawing, singing, cooking, programming, dancing, or photographing, doesn’t matter; workshop, course, book, podcast, or anything else for the weekends. One day for one activity, now we have eight days to try eight new things.

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For this action month, no more thinking, no more reflection, just take action. See how natural it is for you, and see how much fun you’re doing in the process. Take eight different things to try them out. After that, you can decide if that’s right for you or not. And who knows, it might be the next skill you can earn extra cash if this is your concern about time you invest in.  


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Thank you for reading this article. I really hope you can find your art within, and enjoy what art can offer. Rapid self-improvement and self-development are only two of the beneficial things you will have in doing art if you dare to step on the exploration of the art side and physically contact them. It’s because art allows you to communicate with your inner self. A genuine heart is needed to feel what’s like, and it’s the best feeling.

What is your art like? How do you feel your art? Please let me know in the comments, or if you have any question, please ask away. Before you leave, you can spread the words, by encouraging others to do arts too❤️. Or share this article with friends who needed to see it. And as always, stay healthy and have a good day.

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Photos by Paweł Czerwiński, Dim 7, Luis Villasmil, Jeremy Chen, Claire Ward from Unsplash



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