Dancing Physical health

Why dancing?

Imagine, wafting your arms as you travel through the stage

Imagine, rolling yourself on the floor front and back just to be cool

Imagine, you’re free and formless, wild and ruthless within the moments

Imagine, you’re being you, with zero concern with the eyes of others in the spacing

Ageless, an art canvas for you to fill the imagination of all cool, epic poses, as one dare to explore and able to transform physical images onto this world, with the use of your body, primarily for the indulgence.

Dancing is the expression of words sparkling in action. You might miss something when you blink for a second. A deeply emotional, physical form of expression as a skill can offer to a human being. When you see a dancer doing his/her act, believe it, it’s their truest form of the exhibition. Because when you scale it down to the fundamental level, a dancer must be true to themselves, the dance and the music, to perform.


Some say dancing is just a hobby. It’s undeniable as every interest starts with a hobby for a habit to grow. However, a hobby can work up to a professional level and it’s still a hobby. It’s the sweat, the freedom, the inseparable pain and love evolve you to become an enthusiast. Dancing shares a special connection between you and the others, as well as to the dance itself. It puts your mind to a default mode again every time you dance so you needn’t worry about anything else.

It spaces out for a chapter as a gateway to breaking free. It draws instead of typing words on the paper. And don’t worry, you have many, many chapters to write on. Your ongoing life progress will tell you breaking free is probably the best part of your book.


Moreover, the concentration builds upon your energy focus. How dope is that?

Despite the entitlement of living in the music, which is absolutely terrific, It’s a privilege for you to talk and listen to your body in an exhaustible city. In this case, I’m extremely grateful for being a dancer. Combining with yoga or regular stretching, your body is prepared for you. Imagine your body is a child that you need to take care of. Some rainy days, your body feels tired and wanted to do nothing so you will rest. Some other days, sunning out, your body feels better and energetic so you go off to practice. It’s the same as your phone, without recharging, maintaining after using it, it will out of battery. Listen what your body saying and talk to your body what you want is the best way of utilizing your body efficiently.

It’s a long road of self-improvement as you learn different styles of dance along the way. There will be pains, webbing inside of your heart or injuries remarking your silliness to your history book as you age. Hardships, and internal conflict dealings will grow you in many ways and the dance will help you release the stress, and struggle through the movements of your motion. The words you afraid to speak out your body will translate. You have life-long friends; the music and dance, and they will never abandon you, turn their way back when you most needed a shoulder to lean on. But please, don’t forget the happiness of dance, the joy of using your body, the fruitful moments of connecting with people and the music, no matter how far you have been.


What is more, your observational skills will improve greatly. The fun and the interesting part is to enjoy other people performing. The uniqueness of other dancers will be the reference for you to horn the skill, as well as appreciating the beauty of other existences. If music is a white sheet, each dancer paints their way of life on its paper, it is probably a hundred percent different from the way you paint. The more you watch others, the more perspectives you’ll gain and learn from other dancers, in which you can apply your observational skill to other aspects of your life. The benefit lasts a lifetime.

Additionally, your art sense will come along with your dance. Well, although all of the skills out there will grow your art sense, dancing is a fun and outrageously absurd way of growing for you in this wonderful world. it is an exciting correlation progressing along with experience growth when you immerse in music and different parts of cultures. In the end, art is all about the experience, interpretation, and expressiveness. The experience you gain will add up to your crystal jar, containing hundred thousands if not millions folded rainbow stars of stories about you and everything else.




Pictures by Atharva Tulsi, JoelValve, Jakob Owen, Zachary Nelson from Unsplash

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