Dancing HipHop

Who’s willing to explain this story (part 2)

I’m excited to share this clip with all of you! This is the continuation of the last dance piece we performed back in April. I know, the camera was incredibly far from seeing the actual movements, like you’d need a telescope to do the work. [face palm]

Fast forward earlier this month, we entered a choreography competition, using the last piece as our base to develop something new. We didn’t win, but we didn’t care. Watch it now, and guess what the message we tried to convey here. (You can ignore the skip at 1:13 as the phone filming at that time was having a technical issue for a few seconds, it does not affect the overall performance though.)

Can you guess it? It’s about Aliens and a group of hikers! Ha.
The last dance was about two ancient gods joining with a group of hikers in the first song. Second song the ancient gods degraded their skins to become aliens again. They lied on the floor, having their own set of dancing steps to show how they accidentally landed on Earth. Beside them, the hikers were looking around nature on a sunny day. Then two groups joined together through the BBQ party later and built a spaceship to fly to the alien’s planet.

That’s where we left off. In this piece we start out by three aliens (I’m one of them!) repeating the same steps of we did before, and then co-joined the hikers during the BBQ sound effect. It’s a slow-paced, soft tone kind of vibe that we wanted to give. All about feeling each other.

To the next song, hear the lyrics, we want to show our lifestyles. Blow my high -Kendrick Lamar is a very nice catchy song that we liked it so much so we use it for the dance to represent. Your head can’t help but keep tilting! Frankly, we’ve been using songs from Kendrick for a while now. Anyway, getting back to the dance piece, we finish it off by having our own kind of style of fire pit party. Imagine we’re on another planet doing it. To make it weirder, we take off our shoes too.

One good thing about choreographing with your crewmates is that you can suggest any ideas, fun or weird or silly and try them all out to see what happens. And the little moments like watching the playback together after showcasing is what makes everything great. Hiphop brings us together. No one could imagine the first Hiphop formed decades ago is making enormous impacts around the world, affecting generational kids, regardless of their races or languages, who have access to the internet. It’s more than just music, dancing, or graffiti, it’s the spirit that will stretch beyond time and space.

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