Short Story

When Batman cares about the community and all.

“Warning! A report of alien spaceships uploaded and their purpose is invading the Earth. Thousand of ships are locating at the South West, Coast City. We are identifying their ….” The broadcaster is sirening over the newly built headquarter of Superhero facility at Coast City.

Green lantern, with his hands on the hips, is looking at the big screen at the control panel room.

”What should we do?” One of the computer workers turns her head to Lantern.

He touches his chin and contemplates the heroes who are available on his line. Superman and other top-notch heroes are out for a mission, leaving only, no-super-power batman. Oh.. and Flash.

He nods and commands the worker to contact Flash and Batman to safeguard the city, evacuate and send out a serious warning to the intruders that ‘SUPER SUPER HEROES ARE COMING, BETTER GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!’

“What about you Sir?”

“I’m on my way.”

The welcoming words seem to add trifled value to the overall communication with the other side however. Out near the South West pier, an enormous amount of alien sapceships assemble in the sky, overseeing the metropolis. They lower their ships right above the sea surface after the signal is received. Their gates open and extending to the ocean, thousands of octopus-like creatures packing and bumping one another to disembark and rushing through the land. Their armours reflect the unsettled fluid colors change as they move and their movements leave green slimy traces behind.

Flash, on the other side of the city, taking off his work clothes hurriedly and suiting up in the corner of an emptied street. Before he puts the mask on, he sees Batman and a green creature gather in front of a mobile coffee cart, chatting with the coffee maker.

”That’s when I said, stop there Wonder Woman, you whipping too hard there won’t be a man dare nearing you.“ They all laugh and the woman returns back to making their coffee.

Flash darts next to them, and questions, ”What are you doing Bat? The coast is filling with enemies.” Then he pauses, scanning the creature up and down, “ Hulk? Why is he here? Doesn’t he belong to another Universe?”

The smiles on their faces subside, and Hulk’s eyes downcast, remains silent. Batman speaks for him,” Flash, It’s too competitive over there.” Batman places a hand on Hulk, “ All of others look handsome and pretty. But no one sees him that way. He is only an grumpy uncle nobody likes. I get that feel. Luckily the portal is open. So now we’re out here, getting coffee and, catching up.”

”Bro…” Hulk rumbles, a slight tear rising up his eye corner he shakes it off.

Batman looks back to Flash, comes forward and pets his shoulder, “ Come on kid, you gotta loosen up a bit. Life means to enjoy not only work and work.” He smiles at him.

Flash is stunned, by the smile and everything else from this new Batman, he then quickly backs up, “Alright, I don’t know what’s going on with you two, but the intruders are here and this city needed us help. Bat, can you …”

Batman pauses him with a gesture and grabs the two cups of coffee from the metal counter, ” Thank you sweetie.” He winks at her and passes a cup to Hulk,” Yes, I’m listening.” The pair begins their leisuring walk to the Coast.

“…get in your car and meet me there in 10?!” Flash is hopelessly gazing at their slow pacing walk.

”Did you mention using my car?”

”Or how else can you get cross the city?” Flash picks up his pace.

Batman stops and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath, while Hulk kneeling down speedily, trying to comfort Batman,”Don’t angry. He don’t know. Drink.”

Flash baffles.

Batman exhales, maintaining his cool, and sips his coffee, ”You see, my car is too ostentatious. Those youths walking pass by my car, I see the materialistic influence I have on them. I see the elderly, they’re disappointed. And it’s not environmental friendly! Why would you, or basically any one else suggesting me to drive the car!?”

Flash winces and looks at Hulk, only to see Hulk is nodding with Batman genuinely.

” Can’t you take a taxi at least? We have a whole city to save in case you haven’t realised?!”

”The uprising green house gas is also our enemy. I’ll walk.”

Flash is in utterly speechless. He realises the more he talks to Bat, the more nonsense he will receive, so he puts on his mask, looking back at them one more time, “ Just…try to walk faster.” Before he dashes away. Batman and Hulk both are waving their hands under the Saturday sun shade.

After an epic confrontation and torn buildings exposing their bare structures, Flash and Green lantern have finally defeated the almost impossible.

The green shadow of Lantern tears off the last piece of the slimy octopus’s head at the pile of graved rocks, and the black bloods spit over his already stained suit. He looks back down to see Flash, who is panting in squat.

”Are you alright?” Lantern descends his steps to Flash.

” There are only a few times when I don’t want to run any more, and this is one of those times.”

”I admit,” Lantern sighs,” these bastards are getting better every time. Regeneration, who’d have thought? We need to be prepared for the worst, they might come back with more troops.”

Near the intact area, Batman and Hulk have eventually emerged and they chatting forward to the other heroes direction. Batman looks around, “Wow, look at this. Kids, you did an amazing job but, “ He deepens his deepening voice,” There are lots of damage. A big no-no.”

”Big NO-NO.” Hulk shakes his head too.

”There he is. The fastest walker.” Flash slowly gets up. But Lantern isn’t taking Batman any of his words,” The hell have you been Bat?” Then he notices Hulk,” Hulk?”

Batman walks around the dead fleshed out bodies and picking up broken building blocks amid ruins. ”It’s gonna cost…” He mutters and getting a yellow tape out from his back, measuring here and there, looking up and down,“ four apartments, road fix…about two million dollars for this one Lan.”

Hulk meanwhile is tramping the side of the pier where the most damages have been. He grabs a scrap of spaceship wreck and throws it to the sea,”Mor.” He shows a zero sign on his hand.

”Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Bat, you’re late! And Why the heck Hulk is with you?!” Lantern is in utter confusion. Flash just shrugs besides him.

”But don’t worry much. I know the Mayor so I may be able to get a decent discount for you two. But next time, think about the community before starting a fight damn it!”

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