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What to do during quarantine?

Staying home can be exciting for some but boring for others. Watching TV, Browsing feeds, playing games, learning a skill or two or sleeping till the mattress rots itself out, they look for something to be entertained nevertheless. Or they might be working from home, adapting the new changing work environment.

Working, leisuring, gaming, learning, and resting are excellent ways to spend time, but have you considered building some small habits during the lockdown? These habits can reconstruct your neuron patterns and serve as worry-free minded to many things you might encounter in the future. If you start building it now, you can subconsciously do it as a normal routine by the time the self-isolation period is done. Pretty sweet right?

Here, I share six habits that they work very well for me and I hope these can help you too.

Preferably we are looking at 21 days of the consistency in building a habit.

There are apps, like Trello or ClickUp that will allow you to be well organised with many of your stuff that needed a better visualisation. Trello designs as a kanban board system that when you create a board, you can create cards under a slot. Click-up is also a great app for you to define any messy areas that you need to sort out visually.

They are great places to start and sort out your tasks and projects electronically. Supported from desktop to mobile devices, and with the mean of providing free versions, you can use them as a determination of achieving a better-organised person. You might find a better app for yourself through the internet, as long as it suits your preference.

How to build up?  Take one of your small projects, divide them into sections. Under the sections, suggest tasks that need to be done. For 20 minutes a day. You will be amazed by the simple visualisation that helps your brain wiring tasks more effectively.

Track your sleep
If you are anything like me, having irregular sleeping times, this is a good way to remind you to sleep early, and consistently. Here is how it works: have an app provides a feature of time tracking, before you go to sleep, press start. You turn it off when you get up the next morning. No stress. The main goal here is to visualise your sleeping hours and patterns, for analysis. So you can do something about it if you know it’s messy. I like to use Boosted mobile app because of its clean interference, and very easy to use. But if you’re an IOS user, simply pick one free in your app store.

How to build up?  Create a task, track the time, press stop when you finish. Sleeping as we all do it daily, it’s a good way to build up this habit. Again, no stress about it.

Set sizeable goals
Using a time tracker to set yourself 15-20 minutes in front of your desk, flowcharting your goals and break them down to sizeable ones. Goals are often overlapped between your works, your creative projects, your family, your finance and such. So, these 15-20 minutes are more of brainstorming and a calm session for you to get things off your chest. Have a blank paper ready, you can start drawing lines and putting your dreams and goals to it. Use mindmap format too as I find it very helpful. Nobody will see it unless you deliberately tape it in the living room, then OKAY DUH.

But as you put words and lines down on the paper, you will discover ways to connect dots. Make your goals achievable. If you want to become a world-class famous painter you don’t just circle the title and hope for the luck will hit your head one day. Break them down to even right now, you can do something to progress the goal. It’s about how well you know the in-and-out of your plan, like a bank heist and takes measurable actions.

How to build up?  One session a day. When time is up, stop.

Drink warm or hot drinks
I quit drinking cold drinks long ago. Think about it, humans are fragile in a sense because we are dependent on temperature basically for survival. Cold drinks to our stomach will change the temperature inside us. The volatile changes can be great if your body is weaker than the average. And only you can feel the sudden change.

In a short term, cold drinks will cause the blood vessels to tighten and your body compensates by spending the energy to regulate the temperature, which as we all know is about 37 degrees C. Diverting the energy which would have been sent to help the process of digestion and absorbing nutrients, your overall immune system is weaker until your temperature is restored to the normal level. Doing it regularly, it does more harm than good.

So you might feel hot outside thanks to the flow regulation, but your body is actually in a weaker state when you gulping down a cool drink. Don’t take my word for it though, see it for yourself. Monitor your body response next time when you drink a cold drink.

how to build up?  If you drink water, drink warm or hot water instead, for 21 days.

Do yoga
Especially during this quarantine period, we are subjected to certain poses throughout a day. Mobility is restricted so as our body, nobody wants to become a rigid old man. If you’re a female, in this case, a rigid old woman.

Joke aside though, doing yoga helps you meditate, releases muscle pains and reinforces the bone structure and circulation flow. Here is one of the thorough Youtubers, Janice Liou, demonstrating poses on how to do them better.

How to build up?  Pick one pose ( or video) and start from scratch, for 21 days. This is a good time for you to listen to your body and take one step at a time. Don’t force and expect much when you’re a beginner.

Read books
Even a page a day. It’s a good time to start reading, and don’t forget to make notes, it will further improve your understanding of the subject you’re reading. Pick your favorite category to kick start with.

How to build up?  One page a day. For a month. When you look back, you will see how much you have achieved!

And there you have it. Six new, exciting habits for you to play with during this self-isolation. But wait, when to know that I have built a solid habit?

Any sign when you feel like you’re craving for that habit, as if you’ve got to do it otherwise you feeling not right. That’s a good craving, like an addict but a good addict! All you need to do is enlarging that feeling by working harder and spending more time on that habit, and stick to the schedule you’ve made, so it will become second nature in your life. Rules can be broken so no sweat. Do it as you flow.

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  1. I also use Trello for my blog project and it helps me a lot. Sometimes I think I’m a psychopath but i just love being organized haha. great inputs!

  2. Not at all psychopath! Being organised means well-responsible to yourself. I’m so glad to discover them and having like-minded people who liking to be organised. 🙂

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