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What is grooving and why the hell do I need it anyway?

Your grooving is the natural essence of your perception to music. It is a repetitive motion that is arguably the first thing you do when you are in a club, or any musical venue anyway. The movements of tilting your head back and forth happen as you listen to your favorite music. It is because of the bass and drum interweaving each other in sections and the counting beats in the grouping. You need not be a dancer to groove although you are certainly welcome to the dance community.

Knowing grooving gains you a new perspective on how dancers interconnect with the music. You might not be seeing the best performance from them as they might be swifting the song’s layers when presenting with moves. Grooving helps you to swing into the music and be connected with the performer.

You also dive into the music easily. Grooving is an effective way allows you to hear more clearly with the song. Simply put, why does every dancer have to groove? They have to feel the music. There are many elements vibrating in a song, like a melody changing, harmony sliding in, different scale in notes and such. Letting your body to feel the music is easier for you to hear how the music composes, and more importantly, you can feel the story that hidden in the song by the musician.

And we all have been therewhether you are waiting for a bus or sitting on a sandy beach with the headphone on, you might be attached to the song and you want to express yourself in some ways.  You know what to do, right? Yes! Groove it out!  As cliché as it sounds, top musicians like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley would groove before singing.

At the end of the day, music is a form of entertainment to humans since its first drum was made by our ancestor. We should use our body to feel the vibe of the music rather than plain listening. What is more, grooving makes you into the music deeper like Theodore stirs when she listens to the music in Alvin and the Chipmunk movie! How fun is that?

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