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We might not be the living thing, but concepts are.

Have you ever wonder that what we have the ideas aren’t merely we generated by our thinking, but rather, we receive from the higher dimensions by wavelengths. I have. I think that they are at wars too, possibly. One concept and the other might fight over who has the most what we called living object favouring their position. So we’re the pieces on their chessboard.

We, humans, are the container of their kinds. We are just like the delivery container for them to expand their territory.

Influences are necessary and constant for the survival of all concepts.

All religions are the most favored concepts among all the others. If you are happened to be clean-your-bathroom-with-a-toothbrush concept then you really need to rethink your life as a concept. Sorry buddy.

From this standpoint, our ideas are being planted not self-generated. Though, we can never escape from thinking.

Imagine you want to eat a hamburger for example, it’s the thought of it moves you from getting out of the bed, lacing your shoes, then driving off to get one. The route you take is one point connected to another. You’re traveling as a point.

Another situation is after eating the hamburger you need to wipe off the sauce from your lips. You will do it because of the thought you have.

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