Short Story


Chapter 1: Bargain


Sahara desert pic.jpg

Vast and wide, the twinkling sands stretched beyond the cloudless sky. Fergus, a name would have been worshiped for eternal time, was crawling through the sand dunes. Although the thrash of winds beating on him, he could not hear the howling sounds due to the inborn limitation. It had been about three months with no food going through his chewy mouth. On the contrary, It was him being the appetizer in a dazzling desert for hawks and eagles.


Coming out from the tropical forest down in Southern Aisa, traveled through the Old temples and some human cities in Arabia and witnessed different forms of civil wars, he finally reached to the edge of Sahara desert.

Scopion - Fergus.jpg

And now, about five acres away, the destination sat in the middle of the sands with stony walls enclosed, a place that concealed a powerful pharaoh under the cold granite rocks. The scorpion wriggled his body and climbed over it. The wall for Fergus was no difficulty, after all he came from rustic nature where survival was foremost. But he was looking at another problem. The entrance of special tunnels to the secret tomb had been guarded by two eagles who were standing on top of the pyramid, waiting for the next prey feeding their gizzards.



The sun beamed down Fergus’s dorsal cuticles, it sparkled as he moved. So he gathered pieces of gravels on his back and dived under the hot sand, waving toward the entrance. The eagles, with their acute eyes, were scouting down the pyramid ground, diligently fulfilling their duty. They locked up the suspicion as soon as they found the odd on the barren sand. Two eagles quickly exchanged eye contact. They expanded their circling cycle, marking the moving sand within their range. The older one, who had a larger beak and tails, extended her beautiful brownish wings, sharply streamlined down to its target. Her talon flexed open, curving a perfect grab. Seezep! A perfect catch. She could feel the weight of it. Another eagle made whistling sounds for their victory. As they returned back to the rectangular top of the mound, the big eagle dropped her meal, only to find out they were all rocks. They immediately looked back to the battlefield, and the waving sand had smoothly traveled to the tunnel entrance. A stingy tail crept up, so as his body. Before going in the tunnel, which was the size as tiny as a mouse, Fergus gave a victorious look to the deceived birds behind, and went into the darkness.


The scorpion tried hard to remember the map that his father gave him months ago as he was moving forward in the dark. His claws as a lead, stayed close to the wall, and used his senses to feel the air vibration. Legends said nobody had ever been able to get in and out from the burial. So Fergus asked his father how he could be sure the map was true and the safety of his son? His father did not answer.


A scoop of airflow penetrated Fergus’s face, his spindly legs splashed the ground to the end. Finally. But the end of it was a long slanting mound of sands to the secret tomb floor. Too fast he rumbled down the sand and hit the floor. He flapped his black tail to got himself up, then he sensed something else. His black tail armed up, straighten for a deep stretch and back to a defensive position. Hissing sounds started to grow across the room. Two large red plumps flashed in not far from his facing. The dim, unknown environment caused Fergus into fear. More red plumps appeared in the dark, as if there were an army, surrounded this scorpion. As a pair of red plumps approached closer, this time Fergus could see it clearly. Grey aura emitted behind it red eyes, and It mouth was like two pliers when it opened, scrawny legs and grenade-like abdomen, some netted webs on it. A zombie camel spider.


Regarding the situation, Fergus swiftly pricked himself, allowing the blue blood sprinted out to the ground. He murmured and a bright light cast on the mucky chamber of the old king. The room had suddenly glistened in sight, all the treasures were revealed. A once familiar face of the pharaoh appeared under the light, as Fergus recalled from the craved wall.


’For the first time of ten decades, I’ve been summoned. Whom am I speaking to?’ The pharaoh eyes scouted across the room, only saw a scorpion fizzling. So the Old king moved his hands. A red and blue magical stream swirled and wafted onto the scorpion’s head.


’Your majesty, My name is Fergus, and bothering you is not my intention. However, My father’s kingdom is at stake.’ Fergus clapped his claws, ‘I am here for two requests and hoping you can help me.’



’I’m listening.’


‘ The last war that we had with the Great Lizards, after we’d been severely defeated, they bought destruction and disease to our soils. The vitality of our kingdom decays ever since and the disease is incurable to us.’ Fergus paused and took a breath, ‘We’d lost too many of our own.’


’Fergus, It’s the circle of life, I hold no power to change the cause.’


’I do not come here for changing the cause your majesty, I’m here to ask for a favor.’ The scorpion said.


’A favor? All men need help, even the Arachnid ones.’ The pharaoh sneered.


’The Torch Light. Not only It can eliminate the disease, vitalise our birth rate and take us to the field of reeds after death, it can also give us supreme power, and for that, I will recruit the strongest armies to take down our enemy.’ Fergus grasped, ‘ The sun shall shine on all of us regardless of any forms of life. Your majesty, with your kindness, I wish you to tell me where the location of the Torch light is.’


’But the Torch light does not serve anything other than humans, Fergus.’


’That leads to my second request your majesty.’ Fergus was being careful with his words,’I believe upon your limitless power, to turn an insect into a human should no difficulty. You’d performed the magic before, a cat into a man. I’ve seen it on the craved wall.’


’I did. But why on earth would I help you?’ The pharaoh showed a face of disinterest.


’I’ll swear my life to guard your Great grave for as long as I live.’ Fergus said distinctly.


The pharaoh burst out laughing, and the spiders followed cackle, looked to each other.


’Do I look like I need your protection?’ The pharaoh swiftly returned back to his solemn face.’ I had my people built me this burial. I had all kind of animals to obey my orders. I had and still have my army would follow me wherever I go. The question remains, why do I need your protection?’


’ The physical body, your majesty. The robbers will sooner or later discover this secret room for the rumor of inestimable treasure. They will take your physical body with them and without the body remain in this room, the magical field will break. Your presence will become a ghost as if all others, losing all of the power.’ The scorpion smirked for his response.


The pharaoh chuckled, ’Very stingy.’


He lifted up his hands, the clanking lid of the chamber slid away and dropped on the floor, it quaked. And the embalmed body with grimy wrap slowly raised up from the tomb. All the spiders kneel down as soon as it happened. When the body stood perpendicular, the Old king snapped his fingers. The wrapped body dissipated into ashes. Two hanging feet dropped back onto the tomb.


It startled the scorpion.


’I deeply regret what I’ve said before, your majesty.’ Fergus’s legs were feeble. His head bowed down and did not dare to look up to the pharaoh, ‘ I did not mean to menace your grace, I.. I was….. I was merely concerned about your state of being as a….. God.’

Djoser raised up his hand again, it lit Fergus up to the same eye level as the pharaoh, ‘ Now that I come to think of it, I may enjoy the entertainment from you.’


Djoser started to move and play his fingers, which resulted in the rotation of little Fergus in the air.


’An entertainment?’ The trembling scorpion could not fathom the thoughts behind the pharaoh’s face.


’I’ll send you two combatants who also want to become a human.’ The pharaoh chuckled again, ’ I would like to see how the power hungers go on about this odyssey. The location of the Torch night is up to the furthest North, near the Thule, far away. But it can be seen by one of the combatants. He will guide you through it.’


The king dropped Fergus on the floor. Another stream of red-blue emerged from the stony ground, revolving a gunny bag with two small ropes at the end of each edge. ‘ This bag has a potion that can turn three of you to humans. The rule is, you cannot drink till you reach the final destination. Deal?’


As soon as Fergus nodded his head, the pharaoh faded away with the light. The room became dark again. It happened too quick with everything Fergus hadn’t been able to tabulate the situation, he felt the immediate danger again. The camel spiders started fizzing and ready to tear this scorpion apart.


Fergus used his tail to thread the rope in between the bag, stacked on his back. Wobbling of his weighted body, he ran toward back to where he came from. All the zombie spiders had no brain but natural killer instinct. They tailed Fergus like witches hunt. The scorpion jiggled through the meteorites of white messy webs while climbing the mounded sand. A spider web lashed on one of Fergus’s leg, he crumbled and fell on the sand, which had given a chance to other spiders striking the webs on him all at once. Fergus panicked. He viciously swung his claws, and joggle his legs almost uncontrollably upward. As he found his balance, two red eyes spiders scooped in front of him, opened their mouth to bite off his head. Fergus subconsciously reacted with the sting pecked through one of the red eyes as it came. The wounded spider bent backward. It shrieked across the room. Fergus smacked off the other one, frantically rushed toward the hollow hole.


He just kept on running.


Until he finally saw the exit of the tunnel. Panting, pellets of sweats were trickling down from his shells. He thought the worst had put a period at the point. But the scorpion halt at the egress. As he looked out, his worries raised up even more. For him, it might as well be a farewell.

Chapter 2: Sail

A tornado burst with sands, swirling up to the looming sky. Howling and yelping, thousands of animals were fleeing under. While it traveled toward the pyramid, green-ish plants had been swallowed in jiff cluster by cluster.


Fergus’s trembling leg persisted due to the lashed hit back in the tomb. So he closed his eyes, tried to enjoy the last moments of the fact that he could hear and speak like a human. The rowdy noise and beating winds got louder and closer. And all the motion abruptly stopped. When Fergus re-opened his eyes, the scorching sun was still raying its heatwave across the outland, as if the once devastating tornado nor bolting animals had ever come to existence. But following a series of wisping winds drifting away from in the air, two creatures came to sight. Their shadows stretched out to a far reach position. And their sizes were third as big as their original race.


The one on the ground had tawny color on his coat, a scar on his left eyes, rolled his head and relaxed his jaw, stuck his tongue out for a wipe around his mouth. Fergus could clearly see the pointy teeth sharp like knives under the long whiskers. Another creature was hovering overhead whistling, encircled down to the ground, landed beside the Arabian leopard. He twisted his head, like almost breaking it. Exceptionally calm, who faced at Fergus, his white heart-shaped face with dark eyes were like sucking one’s soul if staring long enough.

Leopard - Alphonse.jpg

The leopard strode forward, bobbed his mouth and spit a colorful marble on the sand,’ If you want to be one of us, take this.’ He smirked and gave a look to the Owl. ’I’m Alphonse and he’s Kio.’ Their eyes suddenly changed its color. Leopard had a deep blue aura shimmered from his back while Owl had a jade green aura spiraling around his feathers.

Owl - Kiu.jpg

Scorpion instinctively stepped back a little. ‘ Don’t worry mate, we’re the guardians of you in this journey. Just take the pill and you will understand.’ The leopard stilled, waiting for him to eat up.


Was there a choice not to? Fergus did not think so. Two large mutated monsters were literally towering in front of him.


So Fergus clapped the marble. The astronomical colors of stream flowed down onto the sand as the scorpion bobbled his head to sup. Within a moment, the ill feeling spun in his head, reeling his balance lost. As he fell, the explosion triggered. All of his inner muscles sponged up outwards, rendering the black shells deteriorated. ‘Please, make it stop. PLEASE!’ The excruciating suffering made him scream. But nothing had stopped from it, his own organs started to tear apart themselves while his tail was shoving madly in any direction. Blue drops of blood were watering down, saturating with the sand. He passed out. The potion bag left on the ground and Kio picked it up.



Fergus did not know how long it had been this way. But when he came back to his consciousness, he felt his body had switched from other species. A muscular body, faster tail, powerful with his claws, he was twelve times larger than his original. His comrades nodded their heads.


’How long had I passed out?’ Fergus asked, moving his tail from left to right.


The other two laughed. ‘ About an hour my friend.’ Kio said. ‘ The last time I had was about a quarter.’


’How do you feel?’ Alphonse circled Fergus round.


’Incredible. I’m stronger than ever.’ Fergus pitched his tone, no longer to hide his excitement.


’ Good. We still have work to do.’ Alphonse said,’ We should go now.’


’Wait, I suggest we should make a vow before we go.’ Fergus paused them.


’What vow? We need no vow.’ Alphonse said solemnly.’ Do you not trust us?’


’A vow is a safeguard for all of us.’ Fergus said.


Alphonse and Kio quiet for a moment as they were weighing their advantages of it. They knew that a vow meant a solemn promise to Djoser, which cannot be break otherwise. Becoming a human was certain it was just a matter of time. But the power of Torch light, secretlyPicsArt_05-19-02.55.41.jpg Alphonse and Kio both wanted to have it. Seeing the scorpion in front of them, weak and foolish, so they compromised.


’ In the name of the third prince of Scorpio Kingdom, I, Fergus, with two brave combatants today make a vow before the one and only Egyptian God, Djoser.’ Three mutated animals kneel down before the step pyramid, ‘ We do not betray, we do not abandon, and we will have each other back.

We will arrive at the furthest north and receive the power of Torch light.’ Fergus looked on his right side, the other two had hesitated for a short moment, gave a look to each other and said ‘ I, Alphonse agreed.’ ‘I, Kio agreed.’ Alphonse and Kio repeated the same statement as Fergus and three of them dripped their own blood infusing on the ground before began their odyssey.


Their footsteps in the journey brought merely destruction and annihilation to other animal kingdoms.

Plundering and pillaging every habitat they could find, and with the wrath of powers on their hands, disobedience or frailty would be executed with dripping hearts hanging on gnarl trees for intimation.

From the dry desert on the way to mountain ranges at the northwest, infamously they had struck the nests of carpet Vipers, teared every inch of their fleshes out from the scaly skins. Devoured the home of mongooses near the black sea where a group of wild boars and ostriches were luckily escaped from their teething of slaughter, they would avoid any interaction with humans. The strategy was advancing their pace at nights, resting under a slit of rocks during the days, unless they had to hunt for prey. Crossing multiple landscapes, treading through muddy forests and a few of grasslands, they finally hunched on a stolen wooden boat and began their voyage to Arctic Island.


Chapter 3: Realisation 

By the early winter of the fifth, on Arctic Island, the thick glaciers almost covered most of the land. A small island near Thule, the furthest north of all. Billowing winds were flapping over crystal ice surface, making it steeply slippery. Snowflakes fell on Alphonse’s face as he alighted from the boat. Fergus was roping up dead corpses, while Kio thrust up to the sky, starting to scout the environment. The Yellow dimly beamed on the other side of the Island. ’ Not far, about two days trip.’ Kio said.


‘Good, we’ve got enough foods.’ Alphonse was sniffing the surface, trying to find something resourceful.



The magical skeletal potion was not only enlarged their bone structures and scaled up muscles, but also robust their durability on any harsh condition. As they threaded through a different layer of glaciers, they tend to distance themselves from one another.


And during the night, they did not talk at all. The mission nearly comes to an end, what does it mean to them? All the miles they’d walked and killings they did, the human emotions grew bigger bit by bit over the course of the years in their heart. It confused them.


The next day when the sun shined on the white land, they moved upward to the hill, where the light indicated. At the cliff of the hill, where had thick rocks surrounded the ice cave. A group of puffins dwelt near. When they saw three shadows flashed up in their vision, they sensed something odds. It had been a long time without other animals visit the land.


The mother of puffins signaled them to pretend dead as there was no time to escape. But a small puffin remained standing, innocently curious about her family action. The mother puffin depicted her danger was near, desperately hoping she would listen. At first the little puffin thought that was funny, then she could sense three different states of formidable distaste auras from behind, it was as if it could cut her throat with a nail. So she sprawled.


Within moments, Kio and the rest had arrived on the cliff. They saw the puffins lied down on the ground, initially they approached. The pretense could not pass over the three. They could smell the fear in them. Despairingly, for a spare. Alphonse sniffed on their triangular beaks, and Fergus pushed over their body. The little Puffin dared to open her eyes narrowly to see for herself.

It was three, giant monsters, with their own distinctive colors, caving for a treat. The green aura swirling across her family when Kio moved with his feather. His eyes were deep green and scary. A string of red streams crept around her puffy neck from behind, she quickly close-packed her eyes and did not dare to open again. Surprisingly, after fizzling and buzzing sounds back and forth, it went silent. The puffins re-opened their eyes to find themselves still alive in full pieces.


The three went into the ice cave where the yellow light emitted. Ripping water was still flowing at this cold state inside. Alphonse as the lead went in, followed by Fergus, then Kio, who was the rear guard at the back, be ready for any surprise. But it wasn’t. They safely arrived at the end of the cave, traveled alongside the river. The Torch light shined brightly on an old stump, floating. A cylindrical torch with golden mystical dragons engraved on the surface. The yellow light came from the ball afloat atop the torch. When the torch rotated, it followed.


’Marvelous. I’ve never seen anything like this before.’ Alphonse walked closer, examining the object. His pupils enlarged, and could not snap out of its beauty.

’So this is the light that we’re after?’ Kio landed on the ground, pawing, ‘ the myth says it can cure any diseases, and provide superior power to one.’

‘That’s why we’re here.’ Fergus’s face filled with joy, his tail rose up to the highest to show his excitement.


”Partly. We should drink this up before doing anything.’ Kio dislodged the gunny bag that affixed by a string on his neck. It plummeted on the ground and the potion rolled out, with a freshly cracked slit. A flowery scent released from it, and following a train of lavish fluids outpouring to the uneven ice stones. ‘Careful Kio!’ Alphonse rushed over to the potion. ‘What is wrong with you?’ Fergus yelled, using his claws to push Kio away, he started to drink up as he leaned forward.

‘What is this push for?’ Kio backed up a little, flexed his wings and bumped to the scorpion. They clashed and bobbling to the side. Alphonse did not care about the fight, his guzzled up the flowing stream as much as he could. The owl turned his head, ‘ No! Leave some to me!’ He used his whole body, acted as a ball, by the force of his wings, he threw himself to the leopard. It smacked off Alphonse to the other side. Kio quickly found his balance with his talons. It was very little left for him. But he leaned his head, gulping every drop he could mouth on.



The mystical fluid kicked in as soon as it passed through their throats. Splattering inside the stomach, viscous sources started to erode their organs. It absorbed fleshy tissues, crammed into one big sphere, while sucking all the blood from the veins. The three faces turned to pale white, extremely strained. Fergus huddled like a worm, lying on the ice rock, incapable preventing the coldness pervading into every part of his. But Alphonse was no better. The once alluring yellow skin shriveled into a dry crumple papyrus paper. After a series of wailing, His eyes went hollow, absence from reality. It was the pain drove him away. And Kio was vigorously trembling before the shattered potion. The tan brownish feathers decayed and fell off rapidly as he tried to reach the Torch light. He walked, then he fell. He crawled, then lied on the ice. They soon lost consciousness and the cave went silence.


The time drifted with the burbling ice water flowing outward to the cliff, diving down to waterfall, into the ocean cruising across the continents. As the three animals woke up again, they found themselves differently. Checking up their own hands, they were amazed by the fabric of human skins. Touching their faces, they started to explore inches of their new vessels. Their temperature remained warm by the ray of light. Alphonse first giggled, then turned to unstoppable laughter. The other two were contiguous by it. The cave filled with great joy for moments.


When their sounds fell out, they had a sense of incredible loss. They did not know what. Kio first got up, walked to the Torch light. The bright light shined on his oval face like a divine light.


‘ It’s mine.’ Fergus went over Kio, backed him off.


‘Who said it was you?’ Kio tugged off his hand.


‘We’d made a vow. Under Djoser god name.’ Fergus demanded.


‘The vow did not specifically state you should be the one receives it, did it?’


’No, but you–’


’That’s it. The vow was to escort you here. And that’s our job. We’d done it.’ Kio smirked.


’But the main goal of coming here is I’m, to have the Torch light, and save my father kingdom. You’ve got what you want,’ Fergus was aggrieved, ‘Becoming a human.’


’No, we want more than that.’ Alphonse slowly got up, eyes fixed on Fergus, and gave him a voracious smile, ’My little Scoripo to be honest, you look weaker than us. If the Torch light gets on your hand, I don’t think you can handle such divine power.’


’Ridiculous. This conversation is over. I’ll take the Torch light and you all better back off.’ Fergus clenched his teeth. Kio gave him a hard punch on the face. Then he jumped up to the stump, grasped onto the Torch. He could feel the radiated warm sending through his arm to body. But within a second, Alphonse had kicked Kio’s legs. Kio fell down on the ground while losing the grip of the light. The leopard man took it over and stamped on one of Kio’s leg, it broke the calf bone of him. ‘NO!!!!’ Kio screamed. Did not wait for chances to go away, Alphonse knocked him out with the handle of the Torch. He quickly turned over and used the shining weapon to strike Fergus, however it hit the air. Fergus squatted and grabbed his legs, immediately he pulled. Alphonse lost his balance and the Light. It rumbled on the slipping ice to a side.


It next to the owl man. Kio shook his head after a short of blackout. He grasped the handle and looked over to the other side, two men were grappling on the ground. Alphonse rolled Fergus over to the stump. Elbowed at Fergus’s throat, Alphonse was adding on power. Waiting till Fergus turned his face to red, almost tap out, He pounded him with fists on the face. ‘one, two,…..six.’ His fists were like hammers, each punching steeply thrust through Fergus’s cheek, stomach, and other parts. Alphonse gave the last punch on the chest, making sure he would not get up. The blood of Fergus sprinted out as he breathed faintly lying on the icy ground. Too tired to get up.


Kio had long been intimidated by the fury of Alphonse. But the injury of his leg dragged his speed when he tried to escape. He was staggering to leave and Alphonse stopped him. ‘Little brother, where are you going?’ Alphonse marched towards his direction. Kio stopped, closed his eyes and gasped for breaths. Running away would not be an option now so he had to act first and fast. Legend once said ambush your enemy if you out of the option. He took it to heart.


As Alphonse approached, Kio jabbed him on the stomach as he spun but missed. Alphonse quickly grabbed his hand, not waiting for Kio response, he kicked him over. Kio fell off again. ‘Bad choice brother. We could have been the best team,’ Alphonse strangled his neck, ‘conquering the world.’


Kio kept on clapping Alphonse’s arms, but it did not help. He soon started to fade out.


’Hated, cruelty and hostility,’ A gleaming light cast on the stump, Djoser reappeared in King’s clothing.’ You’re already a lively human, what more do you wish for?’


Alphonse released the tension and turned to the King, surprised. ’Your majesty, you don’t understand. They’re stopping me from getting that Torch.’ Alphonse spoke subduedly. Fergus and Kio slowly moved up, but the pains were too great to bear.


’What do you need it for?’


’For… For the fame and power that I’ve once longed for.’ Alphonse opened his arms,’ Now that I’m a human, what I need is the magical power, like you.’


Alphonse walked to the Torch, picked it up and raised,’ By having this Torch, Its ray will give me divine power and I’ll rule over all three kingdoms. There will be no other conflict because I’m the true king. I’ll ease all the conflict and they’ll bow before me eternally.’



‘And how are you going to achieve that?’


’I’ll inform all the other races to accept me as the king. I’ll break their necks, cut off their throats if they don’t obey.’ Alphonse heated by his own speech, sketching the pictures with his body as he spoke, ’Power rules everything.’


’And you’ve got it all wrong Al.’ The pharaoh snapped his fingers, the Torch light vanished in a jiff. Alphonse could only witness a cloud of smoke fading away.’ What..what just happened?’ He was in shock by the sudden. It also astonished the other two.


’You aren’t a human yet if this is all you can see. The Torch light won’t shine on you, either do any other divine weapons.’


’During these years on the way to here, have you ever help a single animal? Making their lives better rather than killing them?’


Alphonse averted his eyes. The cave was silence.


’Have you ever stop using violence as an answer to anything?’


They remained silent again.


’Some lucky animals which had fled away they prayed for others. The weaker or slower ones unfortunately had become the meals under your jaws they were innocent.’


’They deserved it.’ Alphonse shook his head,’ the strongest has every right to eliminate the weak ones. Isn’t what the mother nature suppose to be.’


’I agree with him on this one.’ Kio dragged himself to the pharaoh,’ Humans are the same at this stance. They have wars and would sacrifice millions of people for a grab of power. Just like you when you were still a human.’


’There is exactly why you’re not a fully human yet. A civilisation cannot be sustained without love, embrace, and unity.’ Djoser continued, ‘Your sight merely glimpse the bad side of it. Have you ever thought beyond the warring? How did that happen? Why did it happen? Humans question and learn from the past, in order to construct a better future for the next generations to come. Think beyond yourself, society as a whole. The eco-system of the mother nature.’


The pharaoh faced to Fergus,’ You went on an unknown adventure for the solution in hoping to relieve the hardships of your father kingdom. It took courage and determination. If you seek for the vengeance and be guaranteed the winning next time, wouldn’t they look for revenge too? The meaningless cycle will go over again and again. That’s almost animal instinct.’



Djoser continued, ’If you’re willing to restart everything again, I’ll spare your wrong deeds and give you the torch light.’ Djoser looked over to the other two,’ and also you both.’


Fergus crawled up and kneel down, weeping for what he’d done these years. Kio sat on the ground, dully. The human emotions had fully infused inside him as he had just embraced internally.


’But it does not justify the deaths by each war. The human would send their own people to die on the battlefield and only the strongest withstands. So becoming the strongest is still the preeminent way to do.’ Alphonse was still feuding for his belief.


’Disputes are there because some people do not have tolerate over things. I would not deny that. However, strongest is only a form which can be applied in anything such as poetry, romance, engineering and else. Humans have a lot of things to take care of besides survival. You chose to become, then you need to understand this. Powering others or murdering won’t be the answer.’ The pharaoh sparked up a hologram, showing wars and animals killings since the beginning of time.


’Torch light is merely a spirit. It’s you to change the cause or redefine what had been written.’ The pharaoh slid his hands, another torch light popped up on his hand, lift up its shining light, which sparkling millions of small rays, like fireflies, dashing onto any wounded injury inside the cave. It shimmered on the thicken blood and absorbed by the skins. Djoser then passed the Torch to Fergus,’ I’m giving you a new one. Take this back to your home, help others.’


’And for the rest of you two,’ Djoser turned his face to them,’ do you have any wishes?’


’I don’t need any.’ Kio stood, wiggled his body and shrugged,’ I just want to travel, explore the world once again with my new vessel.’


’And you? Alphonse?’


Alphonse walked to Fergus, gave him a squeeze hug. ‘I’ll help you a little. Just an extra hand. Nothing more.’ He smiled and faced to the pharaoh solemnly, ‘But can I keep the wish for later though?’


’Still bargaining. I see.’ The pharaoh chuckle. The others laughed.


As the pharaoh disappeared, the three decided to treasure their new identity and put their mindsets into good use. Although the past they could not erase, or change, they could rewrite their future afresh. Every coin had two faces, depending on how to interpret it.




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