Inside a hidden labyrinth
where murders happened
a lensball had been rolling
in search of the pathway to the exit
from numerous dead ends

It was once pure, cubed, emptied
fell into the flamy red
where the actual phoenix
did not exist in the place

Drab and clueless at the start
the forever moving wall in the back
punished those stationed

Traps and hints had been laid in passageways
sliced, chopped, minced and diced
burnt, drowned, beaten and strangled

Spectators gladly enjoyed the show from an aerial view
A fake maze manipulated the playthings

Some walls could customise its location
to block and crush the moving toys
while the intoxicating air filled in the space
amused by the collapse of the weaks

The cube irretrievably turned into a lensball
The core of it went insane

Normality cast around the exterior
for the ease of the attention
In-between the interior
elasticity filled across the circle
for the pulling gravity
within its dimensional vector

The optical ball
had cracked the code
rolling in ever-changing color
of smoothing fluidity in display
Flawlessly crafted
it was aghast by non-participants

Still empty and cold
flaws in every bit
but a sign of weakness
the heating process would show
no mercy to its toy

So when it’s asked for
where the shadow of the cube was
It was deserted
behind the wall long ago

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