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To whom suffering health problems at the moment

      The circumstances might not favor you at the moment and I’m sorry for what’s happened to you but I urge you to hold on. You’re a fighter, a soldier who has overcome many hurdles and this is only a pinch to test your gut if you dare to win this.

You’re strong, unbelievably strong. You know how to wield a sword, you know how to make a comeback and there is nothing you can’t lose.

But rest if you must and don’t fall into the game of past. There needn’t think of the past as there has no past but only memories exist. You’re accessing back to your memory in this everlasting present state is futile.

If you can’t help but to think of the deeds you have done, learn to accept and let them go. Good or bad, they don’t matter in the end. You’re free from the confinement of guilt, and shame.

If you haven’t had faith and feeling your own power isn’t enough to fight the battle, turn yourself to religion. Letting the spirituality guides you through the dark times. It will alleviate the excruciating pain and rescue you from the melting pot. Your heart will tell you which religion you want to devote in. It’s about sincerity and is never too late.

Don’t give up. You’re still worthy. Love is the ultimate energy for you to combat and get healed. This is one of the greatest gifts the Universe has ever given to all of us. Love.

With best wishes,
Your stranger

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