Short Story

The sunset

I sit on a wooden stool outside the balcony, whiffing the fresh air
I sip my tea as am gazing at the orange distortion, which is slowly, reluctantly narrowing to a fleck of light
The soft winds breeze on my face and I try to close my eyes to capture this moment
Can I freeze this moment forever? Please?
The lousy street has surprisingly dampened down the sound of passing engines today, clearing a way for the birds sing
I see V-shaped patterns swinging back and forth till the reddish-orange fading to darken blue in the background
The changing hue emits a sense of tranquil onto the city
in every corner, every lane
As the nightfall, giving a large canvas for millions of stars twinkling their bodies on this spheres view, I smile and bend my head backward to finish my tea before returning back inside the apartment

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