Physical health Self-Regulating System Collection

The End Of The Self-Regulating System

Finally, we’ve landed here after two months. Time does fly, doesn’t it?

First and foremost, I would like to THANK YOU all for sticking around and witness this MASTERPIECE unfolds!


hmm.. well, whatever your comment is, your support is highly appreciated. 😀

The takeaway of the system is straight forward and I hope it doesn’t confuse some of the readers. Health is always within our grasp no matter how harsh the environment seems to be. We have an excellent self-regulating system for us to activate, it only requires the right method(s) and one’s energy.

Looking at the SRS symbol again, it feels like there are now a lot of messages hidden within. The rotation will not end until the player is done with the game. Ha, what a crazy game it is.

As we now understand that all sicknesses occur due to the imbalance of the bodies, regardless of how strong or deadly a disease from the outside for example, so long as we can balance and regulate, we shall all live a healthy life continuously. But do note that being happy is as equal as keeping the body fit, in terms of their impacts on us.

The whole self-regulating system is about to end it here, therefore, it is up to you to integrate the concepts, develop them and make them beneficial for yourself. And if you like to share this wonderful system with your friends or loved ones, you’re more than welcome to do so!

Although I like writing this kind of articles, I’d like to give it a pause for now and redirect my focus on other areas of writing, of which I’ve been away for sometimes, and I miss them a lot!

This is not the end, but rather, a new chapter for each one of us to go on a newer, better direction. I’m a firm believer in “every change is a little better than before and it’s going to a good direction.”

Thank you for reading,

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