General Writing Poetry

The disposable friend

Love is complicated, especially in the range of friendships.
The definition of it seems to be outdated in our modern society.
Grab for a need of breath shove it without a blink in the cornea.
It’s like dirt wrapping up a crystal ball under a grassfield where cows and sheeps chewing on their delicious meal.
It’s like the message you sent days ago in whatsapp which has been seen with zero response.
The possibility of encountering this is much greater than you bump into someone who wore the same shirt as you.
It becomes a tool of engineering to the gnarl of trees who did not know.
Fast pacing lifestyle and the papers of different colors in banks corrupted the poor minds.
Others, too afraid to trust.
Without one fully opens its heart to the mirror who is facing, the glass is useless, incapable and disposable.
Except one sees its beauty of linking.
It’s a string of bonds entangling with one another.
It’s a bottle of water when one is in draught.
It’s a gleam of light casting on someone in the darkness.

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