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The Box – Street Style Lab

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Organised by HKSDDA, this spring three teams of professional choreographers are collaborating with experienced street dancers in taking you on a journey of theatrical performance in a black box of a room. Each dancer has years of experience in refining their street dancing crafts and it’s now for them to infuse their concepts in a theatre.


Unlike that of the other dance compositions, the choreographing process in this project is experimental. The instructors will integrate the thoughts of participating dancers with their own unique ideas to invent the dance piece. They have been working closely together to ensure the sequences of movements are lined up with the theme they’re about to tell while keeping the exploratory as the first priority.


Located at JCCAC, the black box theatre will provide a cinematic experience for you to enjoy. You’re meters away to witness three absurd yet heartfelt stories unfolded under the shifting spotlights.


Although the street dance culture is growing in Hong Kong comparing to the sparse numbers of dance groups over a decade ago, the community within are still less recognised to the general public. And the limitation under each dance category name seems to conclude the outcome of what we see now. This phenomenon aspires committees of HKSDDA to create a new way of impact for the next generations and to bridge the gap between the outsiders and dancers in this fast pacing city.

Mrs Elanie Lam, the general manager of HKSDDA expresses her opinion on this trend, ‘ Hiphop or street dance supposedly have no form, no limit itself. And seeing the world street dance community is transforming at a fast pace, we really need something new.’ She believes that incorporating theatrical elements to vernacular dance can not only improve the dancers themselves in terms of skill techniques, but also allow the public to glimpse through the culture via their dance movements.


The show lasts for only two days so make sure you get the ticket and be the witness of HK street dance transformation in time.

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