Rumblestar review

Rumblestar is a fantasy children book, a part of the ongoing series of the unmapped chronicles by Abi Elphinstone. Along with Everdark, and other books Sky Song and the dream snatcher, Abi knows how to deliver a well-built story with rich details embedded within. To admit, it is the cover lurks me in so I […]

Short Story

X City – Prologue

Money ruled the world. The statement was almost true. To Neveda, a mining company that laid their finger onto every valuable product on Earth, money meant nothing. In a parallel universe, an earth-like planet existed much like our own, following the basic principles of energy interaction and common understandings. Though the minerals and natural elements […]

General Writing

Howl’s moving castle

A story that filled with fairytale and magical scenes is a youth must-read material. Sweet, light-hearted and joyful, this book serves with romance, fantasy, and Drama. Diana Wynne Jone, the author, gets a suggestion to write this book from a schoolboy, meaning that inspiration comes from anywhere in anytime, and thanks to the boy, we have a […]