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Life isn’t that complicated. It’s the mindset dictates the difficulty around us. If we look for the fundamental, we will see the basic concept of life and understand what is all about.

We live in this era where bundles of field studies in school, career choices at job selection center, relationship with one another, cost of living and worrying about the future bombing inside our head. Examples are which excluded the fast-pacing lifestyle, information exchange on the internet, foods, animals and environmental concerns. The world surely has too much for us to take in, as discoveries and material editions have been made by minutes if not hours.

Under the bombardments, we’re confused. We came to this world with a pocket of wonders, but slowly we’ve tightened a knot around the pocket by the confusion and fear that the reality has been giving us. Some would turn on their autonomous mode to live, unconcerned what had happened, what happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

It’s mostly because of the complexity of the world problems and the limitation of reality. While people attitude is another topic, the fine intricate complication of every subject we know is overwhelmed us. To build an electric car, we’ll need to study several fields to grasp the manual process in our head. And it certainly pulls some people off the deal. Or to understand the current economy doing, biding our best shot for the next Warren Buffet, reading the annual report after report, we’ll still scratch our head, unsettling with the thought of which stock to buy.

To me, life is no more than two-sides. Take a look at the symbol of Taoism.


Everything is simple because the fundamental of reality has two sides. Within the circle, everything can be infused, expanded or extracted however it likes. And therefore, it becomes One. One means balance but that’s another topic.

Ancient practices still exist for a reason. They’re still relevant and beneficial to us, and possibly the key to understanding life, at least to me. A side story when I’d been enlightened that day. It was a night and I was relieved by the thought of understood what is all this about, but at the same time, how dumb and little was I in this vast Universe, which also possibly be universes.

Tao is a similar concept to a famous quote of Bruce Lee, ‘ Be water, my friend.’ It’s similar because they’re the branches thinking coming from the two-side concept. Notice that I do not say it comes from the symbol, but the concept behind it.

I believe since our human revolution has begun, it was the ability of imagination allowing us to think before we could come up with a symbol on a craved rock. So it’s the concept being significant, while the symbol acts as a reminder.

With that out of the way, we shall try to apply this two-side concept to our daily lives.

Take the four basic mathematical operations as an example, the division and multiplication are existed to speed up the process of adding and subtracting. Addition and Subtraction are the basic of two-side. You either add or subtract, nothing more.

From our decision making – do it or not, to computing, to the particles in the universe, you will start to see the symmetry in every angle if you ask the fundamental questions deep enough.

Going back to the stock you wish to buy, there are lots of questions to be answered. But as you now know that questions are there for you to pick a side, and they might arouse more questions, but eventually, you will get to the core of the final decision. There, you will pick either the left or right, or not buying.

You see, everything lives by such a simple, elegant rule that we all have this lucky draw to be here, to understand and appreciate the beauty of life existence. This is simply wonderful.

Having this simple thinking, you can start applying to problem-solving as well as learning. And with this easy concept, you basically solve every problem, because everything is the branches of the two-side.

I hope this article can reach to new innovation to solve our earth problems, new discoveries in astronomy or another crazy equation to explain some of the mysterious problems and to startle the humankind again. 🙂

To recapitulate, how to simplify?

Look for the fundamental. For example: If there is a stock in the market, who is behind the table? Is he credible? etc
Believe that everything is simple. Because it is.
Knowing that complicity is built upon simplicity. We covered it by the mathematics example.
Everything has two-sides, but they can be one too. Meaning that you should be flexible in thinking.

If you ever get stuck in thinking, you’re not being water, my friend.

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