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Our delicate body constructed by trillions of mini networks working tirelessly to keep us functioning. In our sleep, the tissues will grow and repair. So if we merely treat our body as a container that helps us move around and complete tasks, we undermine what it is capable of.

A lot of times though, we don’t need to get deep about every single term of which amino acid is doing. We simply trust them. But we do need a system in place, for us to visualise and redirect our energy, so the internal mechanisms can regulate better and take us to a healthier path.

Self-Regulating System designs to sustain, maintain, and improve one’s health with easy-to-understand concepts. It is more of a visualisation for you to incorporate and tune your schedules to a healthful path.

So let’s begin. This system consists of a cycle with three categories as we can see from the opening picture. We can loop within the cycle because our health path is that simple.

Here is the mindmap style of SRS in details:


There are two main categories in the Work section.

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We’ll explore and identify their aspects with suggestions, leaving the readers to come up with better planning for themselves to achieve a better health lifestyle.

This part of the system aims to relieve our pains from the work category. There are 7 ways to do it.

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Seeing from the words above, they’re quite self-explanatory. I’ll get into details with each of them in the coming articles. These methods will help us to relieve the tight muscles, back pains, and more! Providing a way to target the sensitive areas like knees and elbow joints, the alleviate path is good for us to reconnect our body in a softer, relaxed way after hours of “working”. A perfect cycle for self-care.

First of all, I’m not a certified doctor. I only share what works for me and hopefully, it can help the communities too. If you need professional medical advice, please consult your doctor!


Under this section, I’ll talk about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ear Acupuncture. They are more of a natural approach to healing in my opinion.

The good thing about TCM and Ear Acupuncture is that we don’t have to be sick to access them. Regular Ear Acupuncture helps inner circulation flow better. This section’s writings will offer an insight into the TCM system.

What a bless to live in this technological era we can access to different knowledge to gain wider understandings. We can always see for ourselves to decide what’s best for us.

And that’s it. A sustainable system here for us to keep fit and stay healthy. But the same as everything else, it requires our energy to make it happen, which is why redistributing the energy constantly is important.

*This introductory article on SRS is a part of the ongoing series and will be completed the publication within 2 months. So stay tuned for discovering.

Do you have your own system in place? What is your system like? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading.



This is a follow-up article in which I promised to share this system. Sorry for the LONG wait (nearly a year lol!), and thank you for your patient!! I have been focusing on writing the mental side of health as I thought they needed to discuss regarding the current ongoing social issues.

2020 has all been crazy and what a bumpy road we have been riding on. Now I have an urge to get this system out to share for the hope that more people can get better health. We can all be healed and stay healthy regardless of what that is.

A little backstory if you like to know how I developed this system:

This system I developed when I had eczema a few years back. It was awful and it grew on me every inch of my skin, almost literally! Very itchy and the yellow fluid kept on bleeding out from the injured areas.

After months of healing through TCM with various methods, I came back from hell. Since then, I had to focus on self-healing part and not letting the sickness to make any come back. So this SR System came to life when I tried to record and organise the ways I used my body as well as how I went on about dealing with the usual daily basis between maintaining health.

As this system has been helping me since then, I want you to get the benefits too, and may you find wellness within.


*Special thanks to Jady, who is an experienced excellent TCM doctor helped me through some darkest times.

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