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Redefine The Information

Our reality is constructed by information.

It’s the labor work that brings the information into the actual form or builds around it. Like the chemical reaction at the subatomic scale, or the flying airplane we’re lucky to experience, each object and motion contain information.

Even the smallest particle is still a container of information as the information is what constructed the particle itself. In other words, without that piece of information, that particle wouldn’t exist because it had no use. No value for it to exist.

Information is the idea itself and the actual form will build around it to support this idea. From the troops in crusades for they protect the faith installed them to a brick house is built to protect the family’s living, these visualisations are other ways to understand why the form of particle needed to exist in the first place.

Microscopic scales of things are super interesting but we’ll save it for the future.

To look for the truth of every piece of information, which is the innate nature in all of us, is almost impossible but so worth trying. Without this curiosity or rather, this attitude in our blood we wouldn’t have gone this far.

As we tried to find out the truth, we categorise all sorts of information we gather into organisations we can easily access – such as physics, chemistry, biology, and so forth – curriculums that can improve our lives for generations to come. A personal organisation in seeking the meaning of life is a form of finding the truth within themselves to maybe connecting with the divine in the end. We’re expanding our brain development as well as looking for the accuracy of the truth itself.

Exploring the sky was once a thought in our ancestors’ heads and now it stretches out as space exploration with sophisticated math equations among graphs and diagrams.

So long as we don’t fire backward with our self-made problems – like overly exploited natural resources – to threaten our kind of its existence, of course.

Seeking truth has always been the driving force to expand our humankind socially, culturally, educationally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and more.

Then, what’s the truth within that one ancestor’s mind on the night when he looked up the sky and imagined the future he saw would look like? We probably never know. But we can put our dreams forward now to this reality so our ideas can amplify big enough to become physical existence beyond the imagination of our mind. It’s a blessing to live in this wonderful time where we don’t need to worry about survival in the wilderness but to focus on solving problems that we mankind are impeding by.

So, can we really find out the truth at all, through information?
The truth is, we don’t know.

The way we perceive the world bases on the expectation of our reality model inside our head and the sensories we process the reality itself. We try to rectify what went wrong and avoid those mistakes throughout our lives for survival but there is no actual contact with the reality itself but only through our sensories and brain to make sense out of it. It’s already damn significant in my opinion. And I hope this concept is incomplete and that we can find a way to directly make contact with reality itself.

But I believe, every step we take is closer to the truth itself.

Like, if we look at an orange, we can say it’s orange. Orange has made its representation in our head, but it’s a low resolution of its truth. We cut it in half, there is more stuff within it. And the more we look closer at it, the less it looks like the orange itself. We’ll discover there are a bunch of molecules to determine the orange color and the taste of it. And they’re the living thing too just like us, co-existing within the same space and time. So what’s the truth? Depending on what you aim at.

Now, within this frame, we can see the word knowledge we talk about is merely referring to the storage and exchange of information and these enable both parties to enhance their informational processors’ functionalities, which can improve their lives in general as a result. And if they realise the information they perceive can serve as a retooling kit for altering their thinking model, they then can avoid and prevent many obstructions and ambiguities for instance.

If we break down the word “Information”, we can see it’s just about what kind of sources we want them to inform us, so we are informed, we’re then the information.

With this idea, we can now recognise our true power in controlling what kind of information we would like them to inform us. If I want to be informed about the next move on space exploration, I’ll expose myself to associated informational centers, whether it’s visual contents from the internet, or being at NASA’s workplace.

Therefore, it’s important to be resistant to the information we don’t want to receive.

Reason one, we’re the information made up of. So we behave and live inside the information.

If we watch sesame street every day, we surely will subconsciously imitate some forms of behavior from the show. People who tell lies will try to live up to the false information too or else the lie will expose. The foods we eat also contain the necessary information for us to stay alive but allowing them to be inside our body, we’ll represent that information.

This information, like proteins, adding up together the result can be astonishing. If we eat too much meat, we’ll risk our health to disease or even cancer. Because, a slice of the meat itself contains a lot of information and our body needs time to break it down and if one source of information ( like cholesterol ) is stacked up, it’ll affect the body regulation. Remember information within its container is merely an instruction, so of course, it will create the blockage at the liver because it does what it told. This is just one way to think about it.

Reason two, to remove the posited information inside our brain takes time. Like the patterns of taking meth, it’ll take effort and consistency to clear out the fragments of information at the throne and also create enough resistance to deter future action on that matter.

Of course, not everyone is taking meth, but coming closer we can see how our reliance on our screens can also be a dangerous path when everybody is doing similar postures to handle their phones and allowing their eyes to perceive the information for time-killing. Many of them feel they have no choice because it’s deeply connected to their subconscious reaction and being so accustomed to this habit as a spending time tool already. Not to mention how many health problems might arise through the constant similar postures being used in using the phone that will affect our health mentally and physically.

We surely need some counteract measures or information to tackle it.

The sooner we channel ourselves to the desired information we want to process and resist the information that doesn’t help our improvement, we then advertently guide ourselves to betterment naturally.

To put this information concept in our daily lives we can consider this.
To be physical or practical, we put the information into action mode.
If I say, roll on the floor from here to the very end of the room and come back.
You get the instruction and idea of how to do it, and naturally your brain sequences yourself in the situation to predict the possible outcome.

If you take that action, meaning – start rolling. Then you’re showing the information in a sense. So, being productive or taking action isn’t that difficult at all when you have enough energy to carry out the process.


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Thank you for reading this article. Information is something that I think is significant and attempting to explain this abstract idea coherently is a blessing and good challenge. And knowing that forming this abstraction to physical shape so other people can be inspired or act on is pretty cool. Information transforms us tremendously, from the moments we could write and record onwards. The future is only full of potential is a perfect, at the same time, underrated statement.

What’s your definition of information? Does this article help you? Let me know in the comment!

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Photos by OpticalNomad, Diego PH, NASA, XR Expo, Priscilla Du Preez, Terry Vlisidis, Yogendra Singh from Unsplash

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