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Ramona’s World Review


This is a second-hand book I picked up in my local bookstore. As I’ve been looking for inspiration on my writing, I thought that if all greatness comes from simplicity, I shall read something simple. Seeing this read is part of the Ramona collection, I decide to take Ramona to be a part of my book collection.


An interesting fact about this book is that the Author, Beverly Cleary, lives and breathes at her age of 103. The very first book, Beezus and Ramona, was published in 1955, comparing the latest book, the one I’ve got in hand, how time flies through the glorious years of a person is amazing to see. It would be a plot twist if she is secretly planning for another book!

The story begins Ramona Quimby, at the age of nine, is eager to inform her classmates and friends about the arrival of her newborn sister. She has an idealistic outlook for her four grade year; thick calluses on her hands to show off; the boy she likes at school is sitting across her, and her new baby sister. But when bad lucks and troubles creep on her back, she’ll have to face up challenges and walk through them no matter what. At school, she has been recognised as a can’t-spell bee. At home, she is labeled as a never grow-up daughter. At one point, she even breaks somebody’s house ceiling.

This book is plain and simple. It’s super positive that the story does not provide an antagonist. Instead, it’s a documentary of a nine years old girl living in a standard, work-class family, doing her things. What interested to me the most is that we somehow forget the simplicity of living a life. Through the lean of Ramona’s perspective, she reminds me how innocent, unaffected a child must have been.

School and work, the endless cycle fixes our point of view as we grow up. We don’t realise it has been fixed because isn’t it how things have always been? But this thinking is exactly what the cycle drags you into. Changing perspective is to take another viewpoint and apply to regular basis. Thinking it back, we all have been a child once, the sweet, innocent child who loves play over sleep, eat over boring speech. And who wishes the magical never aging spell will cast on us one day. While it did not happen to us all, childish thinking offers another perspective for us to see the world anew.

For example, to a child, money is no more than a tool for them to be able to buy their desires, such as chocolate, candy, toy, etc. So if money equals to a tool, all we need is to have another tool to exchange this tool. Making money isn’t that difficult now if we look at this way. Simple thinking can help us unlock the fixed lanes inside our brain.

Spelling problem with Ramona. This can be an educational read to the youth as it covers how Ramona needs to face her spelling problem this year and overcome it as a side plot. Her problem is she believes there is no difference in spelling make if people know what you mean. So she writes screem instead of scream, hunrgy instead of hungry. But some people might disagree with her teacher’s approach when she tickles Ramona’s wrong spelling. She embarrasses Ramona in front of the class on the second day of school. The internal conflict to a child is real if it’s not written in a book.

If you like a simple read or seeking a book to read to your children, this can be a book that you’re looking for. Did I mention it has a few drawing illustrations inside the book too? They would love it.

Star rating: 🌟🌟🌟✨

Here is a picture of Beverly Cleary.bcleary2.jpg

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