Self-growth Simplified Philosophical Perspective

Positive Outcome

It almost doesn’t need the energy to think a negative result;
“Oh, it’s not gonna work.”
“Forget about it.”
“This is going nowhere.” 
“I don’t think I can.”
“I should just give it up because it’s not gonna happen!”


Pause for a minute and think how often you’ve thought the result is gonna be bad so you either don’t take the action or you go ahead and in the end the result is, indeed, bad.

Without expectation in something is a good thing, though if you wish for something, wouldn’t you want the result to be good rather than bad?

While there are times you will give up something for the better, they, by no means, deter you to think negatively. It takes an effort, both positive belief, and right action to achieve a positive outcome.

If you believe the outcome is gonna be positive, there is already fifty percent of the outcome moving towards the way you want it to be. The optimistic belief has been used by successful people since the dawn of the human race. Take the recent figure, Bill Gates is a classic example of having a positive belief in everything he does.

The preparation, the networking, the skill you have and such are the variables on the other side of the belief. But these are mechanical. Everyone can learn a skill, does a well-prep, or expand their social circle, though the mindset is what matters the most because it will shape your attitude, vision, and ability towards the things you do.

There will be doubts. A lot of doubts along the way to stop you from listening to the inner voice tells you what are the right things to do. The positive outcome concept is positive thinking a step further. Meaning that you’re not only to think positively, but you’re in the action taking progress, focusing and believing in your vision.


Imagining you’ve dressed up, before entering to that door, for a deal you’ve poured months of efforts in. Upon to that crucial moment, you doubt before you twist open that door, a tiny but negative thought – I don’t think I can make it – the chances are, you don’t have enough confidence for yourself and it will lead you to get hold of any negative impact you might receive during the session and it will enlarge it by your doubting thought, so the result turns out might not be good for you as you walk out that door.

Let’s rewind. Before you twist the door open, you take a deep breath and say to yourself – I can make it. It’s gonna be good. – Your body and mind will adapt your thoughts and as you go along the session, whatever the negative impact you might receive you take it as a grain of salt. Because now you’re focusing on the positive outcome, your energy isn’t focusing on the negative impact. So the result will follow upon your thinking and your state of being.

In fact, if you just look around the world right now, our belief is so powerful that it makes everything you see possible. Never underestimate yourself.

This concept isn’t limited to decision making, nevertheless.

Any disease, infection, or cancer can be healed by using a positive outcome concept in one’s life.

First of all, there is a fine line between self-created and get affected. Both are unfortunate, whilst the positive outcome concept can help them to get the hard time passes, being able to identify the cause will help to shorten the time of healing. Take disease and infection for example, as Covid-19 is spreading across the world, there are people, unfortunately, get transmitted, there are others self-created a highly similar illness on their own through prolonged problems they have been having.


While the whole situation can be explained through the vast knowledge of Buddhism, it may be too much to digest for now.

Down to the fundamental level, as we all familiarise the law of attraction concept, the fear of something is the invitation to the fear of the thing you fear for. Some people are too afraid of something, like wondering if they would catch a disease or years down the road would they get any cancer. Their doubts and worries will keep on creating imagery inside their head, like a bad loop they aren’t aware of, and so their bodies finally respond.

Your invitation send out in various forms depending on your state of being. Some people might be lonely and want to get the attention of their family or friends, some people might have guilt over their bad habits ( ex. smoking, drinking ) and want a restart, some others might want to end this life. These sorts of thought, the negative ones, will send out to the universe and somehow it will respond in a way you never thought of. You might not aim to have a disease, but it will take disease to complete your wish. The bottom line is this, you don’t necessarily, explicitly ask for the illness to come to your body, they will look for the invitation of sorts. Therefore, any prevention measure you feel like taking it to fortify your castle, do it.

Many of the viruses and bacteria are moderate or even non-violent. But the invitation will render a living opportunity for them in this physical realm, so they take the chance. Consequently, when they live in one’s body, the intensity of growth and the energy of the cause itself are truly depending upon the host’s thinking and belief.

The positive outcome belief, with natural healing methods and the right medicines, can cure any sickness as we all have this healthy self-regulating system. The positive outcome of thinking is part of the system. You don’t need to lie to yourself you’re happy anymore, here is the reason, because now you know living healthily is already a true blessing in this life.


The positive outcome is a concept for you to achieve abundance in all aspects of your life. This game of life is very easy and simple to crack, although it takes a lifetime to play.




Pictures by Matthew Brodeur, Marcos Paulo Prado, Robert V. Ruggiero from Unsplash

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