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This is a video I filmed for my dearest friend and now I feel that I should share it with the world too so the encouragement contained within this video can spread throughout.

Through dancing, although somewhere along the line you will most likely end up practicing with yourself a lot of times, the self-examining, self-improving and self-practicing processes are what shaping individuality in different aspects of one’s life. Physicality simulates our mind so much because of the pressure we consciously put on ourselves and be resistant to it, like playing ping-pang but by ourselves on both ends.

A lot of dancers give up in mid-way due to various reasons, and if you have checked out my recent article on aging, you will see why for dancers to keep up with their bodies and energies when they grow older would be more difficult. Though if dancers can understand their body agility and mobility are, for the most part, depending on their choices in life whether it’s a diet habit or they stick with dancing or not, their desire to dance, as well as how to maintain the restoration of each time. It’s sad to learn that you will not be able to see your favorite dancer express him/herself anymore through dancing.

In this video, I mainly used breakdancing to perform. Whenever I connect with the public floor I feel excited (As long as the floor isn’t toooo dirty of course! haha). With the summer pervading in slowly, the warm ground supports my weight as I grip my hands-on and I know it allows me to fall and fail with a tough foundation as a bounce back.

Dancing does open your heart and feel better after every session you do, at least for me. To not dive into the science aspect, dancing simply makes you feel good because during the dance training session is completely free for you to explore your body and work on the parts you don’t normally do. For example, you hold up one leg to the sky for as long as you want. When you do some weirdass or super awkward moves, people just think that’s how it is. (Laugh!) It’s truly a blessing.

By excluding the need for choreography or any showcase, the training session is really your free time you get to spend with your body alone. That’s also the biggest contribution to why I often share health concepts and encourage ppl to do sports and emphasise the need to use the body.

Without further ado, here is the video! 🙂


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