Self-growth Simplified Philosophical Perspective

Nothing more, nothing less.


Think about the first wish you made to the sky under the star stream, the first kiss you had on the street, or the first road trip you went with your best friends. The audacity in you at that time, was enormous and unstoppable. Maybe, it’s all destined to be, or maybe because of the free will.

Either way, you made those decisions.

If our life has been destined, everything we do isn’t just what it supposed to be? Like the time we’re lying on the couch, watching TV, wandering mindless things for a good long hour. If we have free will however, anything we did, even decided to read this article, is what we deserved because we wanted and make it happen.

Either you believe in the first or latter statement, at the end of your life, your feeling towards this life is still holding upon to ‘ everything is just how it supposed to be’ as you’ve walked it through, and possibly containing some regrets. Like the visit you didn’t make for your grandmother, the dinner table you didn’t show up for or the words came out of your mouth was not meant to be that way.


The consequences of our choices lead to the point of the place we’re living now, people we’re seeing, and the problems that we’re facing.

Pause for a moment and take a good look at your surroundings now, how weird is that you’re still keeping up and doing all these? How did you end up here is already an interesting story.

Destiny or free will, this is the paradox we live in. You can certainly jump to the philosopher’s role and seek for the answer. But at the same time, whatever the choices we didn’t make or did make, the actions we didn’t take and did take, they don’t matter. Because we can never be sure of this implicit truth.


If Destiny and Freewill are playing their game on us, making the confusion swirling around our head, that we thought it’s how we suppose to feel, then why don’t we take action of what we’ve been longing for and make no regret from now on? Do things that will make us happy the most? Do things that we feel very comfortable with? Challenge ourselves to see more of this life can offer to us?

Go Skydiving. Go travel. Go love and being loved…..etc..

Take the action now, the things you’d regret the least in the end.

Imagine you’re in a cafe chatting with a group of friends. While they’re talking about fancy cars and luxury trips, you suddenly have this triangle UFO prototype image flashing out of your eyes. Share it or not? You take in a big breath and give a quick look on everybody’s face. They might laugh at you and resume their conversation, or they might get inspired and help you to build that prototype with colors and options to efficiency. Either way, you need to actually speak about the UFO model to trigger an event. Speaking is the action taken in this case.

Nothing more and nothing less in the end. No matter how you think of it. You go on the path to the garden, with a U-turn, a short cut, a lamp simply standing to enjoy the view, whatever you decided and did, it doesn’t matter! It might just destined to happen. Some might buy a car, a train, a cruise ship, or even a spaceship if it’s what it takes to get them to the destination. You’re the pilot and passenger in this wonderful adventure.


So make your offers, bring joys and talk about your genius ideas. Take action. Enjoy every moment that this life has to offer.

Photos by Simon Migaj, Enver Guclu, Viktor Paris, Cassie Boca from Unsplash

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