Simplified Philosophical Perspective

No right or wrong

There are just consequences.

Intricate details like a giant spider web network across the universe, every moment has endless facets for everyone enjoys to. Nobody really knows how it all started, and how it all will end. We live among other dots on a silky river along with stars and gas clouds.


On earth, humans create societies and construct buildings around them. These civilisations still survive because they have a better morality education than the buried ones. Although warring has been their best weapon for survival, inside their active communities are the inexhaustible judgments in between the air.

Frankly, we’re living in a consequential reality, where morality is one of the finest mechanisms in our consciousness to ensure our reproduction will continue. It serves alongside with our desire, judging every part of impulses.

For the civil rights, the morals, you might say judgments are needed for the justice, otherwise, murderers, rapists, sociopaths will be full-on storming the streets hunting the innocents. Court cases, wars fighting, equality and so on, we’ve seen so many other things that will question the morality behind the causes. As if humans have been breaking the ethical codes since Adam ate the apple in Eden.


Of course, laws should be taken seriously and people should keep on fighting on issues that can advance us to a better place no matter what. Crime and hate only bring out the worst in one and resulting in more deaths. However, what triggers crime and hate in the first place is a tragic story waiting to be discovered. Often, when we stand on the other side of the room we’ll see the space differently. Like Arts, a painting tells a million stories by every one of us viewing it.


Imagine a mother is being killed by a cold blood murderer through a smashing hammer because decades ago the woman was a supervisor in a cotton factory and under her neglecting supervision the murderer’s mother had been run over by a heavy machine. The court favored the woman and called it a tragedy before resting the case. The boy was nine at that time. Lack of relatives’ support physically and economically, his thinking had been shaped by the harsh reality and that’s when he decided to become the justice himself and seek vengeance.

This article does not promote you not to think critically, and abandon the existing moral beliefs you equipped on. But rather it encourages you to think deeply, offering another facet for you to see this world. To many people, changing is a difficult task for them even materials and resources are in place.

Down to the fundamental, When we look at the result in every case, it’s the action taken matters. For example, if you offer helps to others, you’ll receive help when you need it. Or if you kill somebody’s cat, the karma will come back at you sooner or later. The consequence may not be a form that you thought would be, but it’ll occur regardless of your awareness levels to it. Be careful of what you wish for. Right or wrong is only a delusional trickery conjuring a problem in your head.

Examples can be endless as far as we concern. Right and wrong is our perception of nature helping us to divide our moral values. But to nature itself, there isn’t any. The important truth is this, we’re the subjective beings living in an objective, co-existing reality, while this co-exists reality that we share is a large fine art canvas, and we live in the moments. How dope is that?



Photos by Brett Ritchie, Kate Ausburn, Wesley Tingey, and Sharon McCutcheon from Unsplash

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