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More concepts on grooving.

Despite the common directional grooving techniques like up, down or bounce, you can control the body better in grooving with the below concepts that stem from my own experiences in dancing.

Concept one – Grooving can happen in any part of your body
Instead of tilting your head and chest, perhaps your back as well to groove, you can literally use one of your fingers to groove for one song. Break the limitation of grooving in your head as an art form can never be limited.


Concept two – Grooving is all about breathing.
Try to think of a situation where you are drowned in the sea after the falling from a boat. To survive, you have to retain your oxygen as much as possible before your body can reach back to the sea surface. Within a minute or two, it may as well be the last moments of your life. At this point, The only way to ensure you will see the sun and your family again is to relax your body regardless of the outcome, while concentrating on swimming it up until you can see the blue sky. When you dance, your body energy is limited. Knowing how to save up your energy by consolidating the grooving and breathing into one single unit, you are more powerful and resourceful.

Concept three – Thinking of grooving is like swaying
Imagine you stand after the swing as a pusher and you have to push the swing for your niece to keep her happy. You push the swing lightly to estimate how much momentum would be. Same thing as grooving that you would test the duration of the groove from one point to another slowly when you warm up. You are the one to decide how much power should be given. Do not be afraid to enlarge or curtail your form of grooving. Do not be afraid to change your form of grooving just because others tell you not to. You can groove like a beaten table tennis ball on the blue net table or like the notion of a floating astronaut.


Through these concepts, you would understand how to swift your grooving from one form to another while dancing. Changing your grooving accordingly when you dance, it brings out the flavour of yours in feeling and presenting the music.

Photo by Hossam M. Omar, Blaque X, Pille Kirsi from Pexels.

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