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Mirror concept

This world we live in is indeed a reflection of our inner-self.


There are lots of things that exist we have no control over with. Heck, it’s almost everything! But It’s just the outside. Imagine things you cannot control are being displayed in the mirror you’re now standing in front of. It’s up to you to react, if you must.

However, the size of this world mirror is bigger than a regular home mirror you have. The meticulous facets of this world mirror you won’t find it like the regular mirror that can reflect your face, even if you look for it. It gives no trace to show it’s a mirror, and yet, whatever you do, it reflects into the mirror and the other side will enact according to your action. The result will then reflect back to you, and it’s up to you to decide what to do next. Pretty simple, right?

To me, it’s interesting to live in such an intricate reality. This mirror concept will help you see the world from a different perspective. But it needs a calmer mind to discover the beauty of this world offers. This reality is fair at the fundamental level because everybody can enact this world with reflections of what they see, feel, and understand.


Though, in this dimension, there are always two sides. And on the other side, there are despair, fear, and pain. When you see someone who is depressed, you need to see the mirror in which they’re facing to help them. For example, you might see the person looks normal outside waiting for a bus to arrive, but the mirror inside the person might be a little white dress girl holding a piece of broken glass with many inflicted cuts on her forearm, standing in front of her mirror, in an empty apartment, covered with blood, crying.

This mirror concept is like a ping pong ball. To put this into perspective, consider this scenario too; Imagine you’re angry toward the other side, surely the other side will react to the same level of its emotion or even higher, regardless of it’s a living or non-living thing, because you’re now in front of their mirror.

But many of us miss seeing such a simple concept that how you treat others, others will treat the same to you. We want to expect the other side to back off in a heated situation in this case. Though to ease conflict, the trend needs to achieve equilibrium. Meaning that it needs to reach an agreement for both sides, otherwise, the unsolved problem will carry on, maybe even after this life according to reincarnation, till it eventually unlocks its knot. There are times you must stand, and there are times you make an agreement.

If you lay down the blade the other side will do the same. Might not happen right away because to be an objective mind to see the world, one must need to give up their subjective perspective. Not me me me, but more other other other. The thinking in altruism. After all, you’re only a passenger who luckily has a registered ticket to be in this galaxy train at this moment in times no matter how powerful you’re. Less desire to the outside and you will find simplicity is enough and happiness will follow. If you respect others, others will respect you. It’s the same with kindness, fair play.


There will be people who take advantage of it, so constantly improve your knowledge and understanding are needed to see things through clearly, and more importantly, to avoid such situations. But don’t get drowned by their pity actions, there are many good, intellectual people in the world or past we can learn from.

The mirror concept is corresponding to karma.

Through the leans of somebody’s mirror, you will then realise what their life must have been. It’s both sad and inspiring when somebody is in pain. Their journey has been rough for them as the windows they cannot see within the box. They don’t know how to turn around. At the same time, it’s inspiring because they haven’t given up yet. Deep inside, they’re fighters and they want answers to fulfill their questions. Life is very simple. As soon as they unlock their question mark boxes, they will then concentrate on whatever the missions they’re placed on earth for in the first place.

It’s like you’re a bar owner on an island where travelers will stop by for a rest. It will be good for you to help them, and hopefully, they will understand, and in return, it’ll be good for humanity as a whole.

Of course, in real life, situations look different from the paper. So do the best you can. A person might never be able to accept or look at another perspective, which is fine. The mirror inside each one of us can be a very personal thing, as life is a big lesson for all the souls on earth.

There are many conflicts in the world which they will always exist because of subjective consciousnesses. For some people, it’s not easy to accept such concepts, let alone with being objective to see from another angle.

So now that I see the world as a big mirror, what to do next?

To make the mirror concept useful you need to identify what can trigger your feeling or desire, and learn not to be triggered by it.

For example, imagine I put up 1 million cash on the table in an abandoned warehouse and ask you to do a special task for me. In your mirror now is me putting up the cash on the table, and if money does not trigger you in any way, you will have no desire whatsoever. The deal will be off.


Not being affected by anything in the mirror you’re facing, which is one of the zones you wish to attain in Buddhism, you’ll understand why kindness and empathy are essential. And most importantly, to have an urge of wanting others to become a Buddhist.

To ease the trigger points in you, will lead you to confront the fundamental essence of self-existence. Being on this earth you need essentials to survive. You could override your final command and erase all the desires, but you might get starved to death very soon. And I understand there are tasks we need to complete in our lifetime, therefore, I suggest you listen to your heart what it tells you and ditch the things you don’t want to have, hear, participate, or interact, so you can focus on the goals you wish to accomplish. Mirror concept is to help you live your life better, not miserable.

Some people might like to use trigger points to motivate them in some ways, such as an imaginary enemy. It might be exhausting in the long run because you’re spending some of your energy on the enemy that it did not exist in the first place. In this life, there is no enemy. There are just conflicts of interest.

Anything you want to have in this life, you need to give more. Take smile for instance, if you want to have more smiles, you need to smile to yourself first, then you will smile to others so others will do the same, not forcing but genuine. As you understand this simple concept, you’ll see people who can’t find peace inside them, they’ll translate to the world in such a heartbreaking way.


So not being triggered by any current trends you will then able to redistribute your energy to complete anything you wish to accomplish. This life is all about personal growth. So ease up and take your own pace, enjoy little things. A free mind is worry-free even in the most stressful, difficult situation.

I’d like to think this mirror concept is an interactive mechanism; a way for us to experience and learn, and try to understand what life means. In the end, we, humans, are all trying our best to make things better. I see it in my mirror. With hope, the mirror you see will always have a bright side.

Thanks for reading it. 🙂 How’re you today? What’s your mirror like? Let me know in the comments!

*Special thanks to Emily who shares this concept with me in the first place.
Photos by  Laurenz Kleinheider, Daniel Páscoa, Pepe Reyes, Christian Mackie from Unsplash

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