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The ultimate goal of doing meditation is to be meditating even when you’re outside of the meditating comfort zone.


It’s a lifestyle, also a practical skill that we can swiftly redistribute and concentrate our energy however we want. A calmer mind with billions of nerve cells reconnecting our nervous system. This article is to share my view of meditation. There is no doubt more than millions of yogis and many people meditate as a hobby around the world and each one of them has their own idea of meditation.

Accessing to meditation is fairly easy. All you need is willingness and concentration. Time, effort and motivation are secondary and requisite to every skill so I needn’t mention it.

There are various purposes for people who practice this tradition. Some want to get in contact with a higher state of being, while others want to unlock the untroubled mind. Whatever the reasons motivate you, practicing meditation will have these common benefits to everybody, which are a calmer state of mind, better thinking and being able to be in the present.

For those who are new, and would like to practice this, there are two ways to do it, through practicing yoga or sitting meditation. Nevertheless, I’ve defined meditation into either movement or still. Although ‘movement and still’ is a concept that can apply to any mechanical process for better thinking, I add it here for a clear explanation.


When the situation requires physical movement to gear the work, It’s movement. Take a dancer for instance, when the music and situation allow her to open her arms spinning and so she does, these are movements. As simple as a person ambling down to a park, as long as its physical movement involved, it categorises as a movement.



If the dancer, however, is standing at a spot, regardless of the internal body organs are functioning, she is at a still motion. It’s because the overall of her dynamic does not change in the 3D visual representation. She is holding a pose, it’s a still, not a movement. When a person is sitting, it’s a still motion.

With that out of the way, how do we meditate?

For meditation, it’s all about breathing. Once you understand and master its access point, whether you’re in a still, or movement motion, you’re meditating in every moment. It’s the matter of being in present and reconnecting with your body, that’s all. I share my way of meditating, you can stick to your own or try out others’ technique. Find the most suitable one for yourself, as long as you get the benefit from its practice, whichever way is fine.



Breathing is the entry to meditation, also the speed control of one’s life. But just pause for a moment and think. Breathing is so natural and mechanical that its process has been built inside us since we were born, till we die. If everybody can live and breathe, then doesn’t it mean everybody can meditate? And yes, it’s simple and everybody can achieve its meditating state.

– Use your nose, throughout the process

Open your nose, close your eyes then take a deep breath. Slowly, for 15 seconds. Just inhale it.

Take it down to the very bottom of your lung if you can.

After that, breathe it out for another 15 seconds ( using your nose instead of the mouth!), slowly. If you were driving, it would be like 10~15 mph in your neighborhood roundabout.

After 15 – 15 seconds, that’s one round. Do it for three rounds. With a hot tea as a reward in the morning that would be super ideal to kick start your day!

The more you practice this, the easier and quicker it will become a subconscious way of living so you don’t need to memorise the steps anymore. Your energy will stay in the present as you go about your daily basis. That’s the whole idea.

This exercise is all about control, reconnect, and feeling the present.

No need to have a timer, only use your instinct to count. No forcing, be natural. Allow your body to respond. Be a listener.

And remember, no clock, no phone, no family matter, no later to-do list, nothing. Nothing should be going on in your mind but simply relaxed state of reconnecting your inner energy, your breaths, and your-self.

To note that this is the still positioning.

With movement, it’s the same technique of using your nose to breathe the air in and out. But this time, you focus on your movement too. So your energy is distributed 50 % of each.

This way, you can be in the zone while focusing on doing the stretching, if you’re doing Yoga for instance, till the session ends. Meditation does not exclude any other exercise.

Highly recommend to meditate, either in still or movement motion, whenever you feel stressed, or needed a break from this dramatic world.

This is a habit you wish to build up, even if you fail to build up other habits. A calmer and smoother mind with a relaxed attitude will help you in every aspect of your life you wouldn’t be able to imagine it in the past. Install this meditating habit to your subconsciousness so your mind and body will adapt the change in the next coming months. You will gain a new perspective to see this world once again.

To people who have skin problems, suffering mental illnesses, or experiencing unbearable diseases, I know it’s a hard and difficult time. Please, try to meditate and use this anew perspective to understand this world again. I’ve never 100% certain what is gonna be tomorrow, nor I have the answer for the end of terrors you’re going through, but if this method could help you calm down a bit, connecting back the inner energy of you, maybe, all of your cells will work together and decide to stop the infection from spreading. Dare to believe and collaborate with your inner self are the best weapons you can get to fight the battle. I once had eczema in my life but that’s another storytelling.

As you practice meditation to a level, you might come across this question, am I a selfish person? Because you’ve been very aware of your own being, redistributing all of your energy to achieve goal after goal, and easily lose contact with this world. The attention you pay is to the inner and the closet line around you. Well, the short answer is, No.

The long answer, ( although this answer is derived from my own experience, everybody has different value to what it means to be selfish) I believe if you can’t take good care of yourself, having a calm, well-equipped mind, a better health as a being, it would be difficult for you to look after others. To enjoy, to share, to change and to build a better world for the rest of us to live in. There are unexpected conflicts, disappointments, rush hours, serious situations happen or will happen as we turn our pages. To face it confidently at ease, one must be prepared and ready for whatever it comes next. Altruism, although is a concept and illusion, needs well understanding and the tingle with selfishness to be found.



Photos by Simon Migaj, Ahmad Odeh, Tim Goedhart, Zoltan Tasi from Unsplash


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