For the worlds I could not conquer
For many battles I had lost
For the fear of opposition
I put on a mask
And stood by silently

For the surviving in a chaos
For the pretence of shows
In a spin of wrecking rubbles
For the fear of judgmental minds
I put on a mask
With a drawn plastic smile

For the women I could not love
For the relationships they did not last
For the curb of lines was bounded 
By the conventional standard
I put on a mask
Plastered my inner intel

For those hurtful words I mouthed
And received
For all the burning fires I could not tell
With the irreparable pains
Haunting my mind eternally
I put on a mask
dissimulated the play-acting

But as I walked through
The purgatory
For the debts I did not pay
I removed my masks
For the light I should shine

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