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I feel like everybody is NPC

Have you ever played video games? It’s like taking up quest after quest just to complete the mission so you can get the reward. But this game won’t end just because you have done so many quests. Instead the missions you have completed will lead to another NPC, who rewards you with a slightly better than the last. Sometimes don’t. Sometimes the situations are worsened than they used to be. But after crying and crying with no NPC could offer their help to meet your needs, you somehow need to be self-motivated, playing hypnosis in your control console, where NPCs aren’t able to get in.

Like whenever you talk to a person, it’s like a mirror that they act to reflect your words and sometimes offer new paths for you to go.

Think about it, everything is so logical and well structured in a way that you just don’t know what’s gonna be till you interact with it. For example if you ask a question, the answer will base upon the person characteristics, backgrounds, relationship experiences and other defined variables. Only that you haven’t fully seen those variables. No matter how out of the blue of the answer might be. Why though? Why is structured in this way? And when you want to know something, you need to wait for each word to come out from a person’s mouth, to get the message. Why can’t it be something like when you look at me in the eye then you can have all of my sayings and have already been gone through my life experience? But even then it’s just the further advancement of the human NPC package. Its design can’t escape from measurements. Though without mesasurement a society can hardly advance. When you see me in this reality, I’m a NPC to you. Is it because of the limitation of this Universe? That we’re all nothing but non-player characters with functional processors to believe we’re the living ones?

Things that are unexpected become expected once it’s history.

But this game is a little different from what I played on the computer. There are skill books I can buy but I won’t get the knowledge or the actual skill by eating the book. There is no magic work or a sophisticated dragon shows up when I needed it to be. There is just a long, silent moment when things don’t work out.

When the infinity to its fineness, it becomes humorous and fraudulent. Hell yea, sometimes, I feel like I’m playing this game that has an infinite loop that I’m the soul, in which the ability only to witness whatever happens.

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