General Writing Poetry

Human Design

Out of the earth, a solar system
Out of the solar system, the milky way
Out of the milky way, billions of unapproachable galaxy clusters
existing in our observable universe
Incomprehensible in numbers
the space is too large for one
to understand everything

We’ve been designed for a reason
regardless of gender and race
the law of attraction still applies
in each and every situation
Magnifying the inner core
one shall see the beauty of self-existence
Astronomical signs
and positioning of every star
blueprint our attributes in a plain paper

Everybody encircles their own mandala patterns
co-existing in a spiritual world
They’re either in
or out the mandala
they eventually become the mandala itself
Folding back and forth
the clear streaked lines travel in the air
blending with lumps of colors to draw the smoothest lines

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