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How to find your own groove?

Everybody has their own groove.


Although in dancing, some dance forms like hiphop or jazz, define it as repetitive movements, grooving can be a lifestyle. You can groove with or without music depending on your mood. It is the relaxed state of your body involves repetitive motions like bobbing your head or swinging your hip. I cannot stress this enough, you do not have to be a dancer or musician to groove! Everybody can do it and it is fun. Down below, there are steps that would help you feel your own groove if you have not discovered it yet.

Let it loose.
To feel the groove you have to let your body relax. A stiff body cannot saturate into the music thoroughly. Imagine a wet towel is used repeatedly without crumpling it up. Nothing can be absorbed as the towel is fully soaked with water. Only if you dry up the towel it can then be used again. Letting your body relax so it can naturally move with the rhythm.

Listen to the music.
When you are able to groove naturally, try to feel the music rather than starting to dance immediately. The layers of the song can change your groove according to your interpretation of the music. For instance, you can switch the groove from synchronising with the tempo to instruments like xylophone or piano. It is up to you to present the emotions hidden inside the instruments of the song through grooving.

Enlarge the size of your groove.
Now that you know how to groove in a relaxed manner you can amplify it. Up groove, where you shrug your shoulders and upper body upward slightly with the groove instantaneously. When you do this, your hip and legs naturally swing side by side a little. It happens as you are truly relaxing yourself. If not, please go back to the step one – let it loose.

Varieties of grooving.
Instead of doing the UP groove that I provided above, there are other options like Down groove, and Bounce groove. Down groove is where your grooving is gravitating to the ground. It should be natural and comfortable. Bounce groove is anything that leaves your feet from the ground, as if Running man or Spongebob dance.

Grooving is a way for you to feel the music with rhythms like whether you decide to drink a coffee to start a day or not. While it is absolutely fine of not drinking that cup of coffee, some people are rooted in the delicate flavor of bitterness. To them, it is not only the coffee beans, but also the entire coffee culture. Same as coffee lovers, grooving gives you an insight into how and why some musical enthusiasts devote their lifetime to the music. You now have a new topic to talk to them. You might learn something new afterwards, who knows? Just remember, grooving is and will always be natural and relaxed.

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