Her Kingdom

She took over her ill sister’s throne
With a mask on not to be shown

The youngest daughter
Had kept in the dark
Not to be known
For too many years

Although the whitest dress brightened the room
Every night she was fearful to be alone
As the new mirror she couldn’t disown

She visited The Shrine Of Light
And asked for the color to be white
The god’s spirit told her
The answer was at her sight

She worried and confused
Days passed after months
Locals grew suspicious
Over the concealment
Of their queen’s appearance

She might be a witch
Rumors started to claim
Chanting to test her in flame

For her never be as strong as her older Sis
She cried at the large empty bedroom

Her tears dropped
Reflected shiningly
On the other side of the mirror
She slowly walked over
Thinking of how her fear
Had swallowed her
And at that moment
Dare she looked straight at herself

The first time in many years
She locked her eyes
Onto her skin plainly
And stroked the averseness away

She then wiped her tears
As the black was no longer
To define a righteous queen

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