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Many of us are too busy running the windmill, neglecting to hear what our body need. Some know about the importance of doing exercises, but they think they would pick it up later on when they have more leisure time. Though the right timing will never come until they decide it is. Others think that body resting is what they truly need after a week of demanded workloads. While body resting is essential, the appropriate amount of exercises is also necessary.

Work balancing is another topic, some want to get back to the athlete routines but the previous injuries still haunting them. Therefore, before we get to the benefits of doing exercises, we need to identify all the old injuries and work on them.

Take myself for instance, I have a bone sticking out of my shoulder from doing a breakdancing move. My whole body was in the air for a moment as I was throwing myself to the ground from handstand position. It was too low, so my left shoulder couldn’t pass the ground, it hit through. My shoulder bone moved upward for about 2cm. I was afraid and naive enough to not visit any doctor, thinking everything would be fine. For a month, I couldn’t raise my left arm even to the chest level.


It took me years to overcome the fear and get back to physical training.

If you have any old injury, you have to overcome them by doing physical therapy before going on normal training. You just have to break the fear, get your life back altogether. You can do it. There is no other way around, you either do it or continue living your life like this for the rest of your journey. Don’t worry, helps will always around the corner for you.

I’d suggest you see professionals for their proper advice. If you don’t have money, (like I was), then check out these videos and do them at home. Select the body parts that you’d like to work on from the channel, then spend times on those steps slowly and attentively. The most important thing about physical therapy is that it’s not about the quantity you do, but the process that allows you to feel your muscles, to regain control of your body.

With that out of the way, we can talk about the benefits of doing exercises. Although there are many, I would pick a few.

Doing exercise is a way to redistribute energy from mental to physical. Thinking too much, your clouding bubble giant head is miserable for the invisible handcuffs. Indeed, we tend to think a lot, fantasising the ideal body without actually thinking the in-between, the steps that advance you to that end. Doing exercise is a way for you to understand the difference between thinking and actually doing the task. You picture yourself running for an hour and run for an hour is two different things. You’d need to put on those running shoes, stretching the muscles, waltzing to the run track, then run for the time you set out to.


Another great point is that it will always fit in your schedule. Contrary to many saying – ‘I don’t have time to do that.’ When you develop a good habit of exercising, like cycling for example, you’ll make time for cycling session, no matter how little time you have. Skipping a week or two your body will upset about it as you start to feel uncomfortable. As the workout habit builds up, you’ll be more energetic due to the healthier body regulation. Unnecessary items in your monthly schedule will replace by training because you don’t want to waste the efforts you’ve put in and restart from zero.

Exercise is also a way for you to listen to your body. The only and practical way to hear your body thoughts, feelings, is by working with it. Take swimming, for instance, you’d never know the swimming motion if you never swim, like the water weave pressurizing you as you determined to make to the other side. Once you swim, your body will try to adapt to the environment as you move, it’ll tell you exactly what it can do and what it can’t do. You’d learn to cope with your body, in a different circumstance, other than being in the regulars like standing, sitting, or lying. After the swim, the soreness and complete relaxation will manifest along with the fatigued muscles. It’s a good day. Your body would like to talk to you but only if you’re willing to take action.


Exercising enhances your concentration, being in the moment. Unless you have two brains, you won’t be able to think other things while pumping those biceps to work. You can access the flow state through training, the state that will expand your knowledge and increase the level of concentration. Kill two birds with one stone, why not?

After all, it’s a great fun activity that you’d like to do it again. The sweats dripping out of your sleeves after an hour practicing, you have done something extraordinary. Stepping back for a moment, you’re able to do exercises, it’s the dying wish of some daring to trade that privilege. A blessing I suppose.


However, you need to be cautious about your body endurance, please do not overwork it. Give some times to rest. You have all the time in the world. In the next article, I’ll be talking about how to make exercising easier and accomplishable. I hope this article can motivate you to start doing exercise.

Photos by Jamie Steet, Zygimantas Dukauskas, Tegan Mierle, Ilham Rahmansyah from Unsplash.

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