General Writing Poetry


I kneel before Maple tree for my knowledge thirst

Each of the leaves vents their recital, showing me the way to an adventure

The blue sapphire on my clavicle shines with noble and supreme

It matches the black shimmer velvet cloth beneath the armour

Arm plates and golden pauldrons, My armour stretches from the chest to shoulder in wide, down to abdomen in length

The sunrise reflects the pure flaxen color as if orange wavelets in the sea

Arrows, bow and sword are steeply ready at my back

One of the millions, I’m the prince

Standing up, I pivot to the gilded palace

My dark cape billows as follow

Magnificent chandeliers glisten the space

An eagle plaque hangs above the silver throne while electric purple infusing the mosaic architecture

The polish floor displays a parallel world as my parading by

Outside the palace entrance, a concourse lounges atop a mountain with a long trail of steps

I’m the Elder at east, the One at west
Ordained for a safari

The sun seeps through the horizontal line and paints the sky with winery colors of orange and light yellow

A rabbit rambles across the ground and scoots toward me with his tuft of tail

I posit the hood and mask as my stepping down the stairs

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