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Don’t Worry, Make Money Review

Although the name is long; Don’t Worry Make Money: Spiritual And Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun in Your Life, it’s short and simple in each chapter. A book that crammed with life concepts will improve your life quality by following them. It’s a personal-growth, finance, non-fiction book that can redirect your visions and goals. Unfortunately, the author, Richard Carlson, died from pulmonary embolism in late 2006. However, his inspirational advice and belief will long live for the generations to come.

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Simply put, the book is all about how living right will make you a happier person and bring more abundance to your life.

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While the title acts as spiritual guidance, it stresses the importance of eliminating worry and fear in our thinking. One of the obstacles to most of us is be delighted in the success of others, especially the person we don’t really like. We might grow self-pity in thinking we haven’t deserved the righteous recognition, why he/she has it all? However, a quote from the book “ it’s critical to know that there is plenty of success to go around. In fact, as people achieve their goals, the pie gets even bigger for the rest of us.”, immediately tells us how we should not be worried too much of our internal thought and be happy about other people success.

The reason why the book hasn’t been labeled as a business book officially is that the content does not provide those complex mathematics formulas nor an intricate saving plan for your next ten years. In fact, it treats as misleading to some people as it’s not about making money but rather, not to stress about Money. It provides life advice that inspires you resetting the ways of thinking, your behaviour, goal and how these would lead to living an abundant life but having almost no tips on how to actually make money.

Despite not having the Making money part, it indicates that flowing money in your pocket isn’t overly complicated, it’s just about knowing and doing. Another quote from the book, “Money is “circulation.” It needs to flow. When you are frightened, selfish, or when you hoard everything for yourself, you literally stop the circulation. You create “ clogged pipes,” making it difficult to keep money flowing back in your direction. Any success you have is despite your lack of giving, not because of it. The way to get the flow going again is to start giving.”

Without a doubt, this book is targeting self-employed people, like business/start-up owners or people who are running side projects. Many of his advice are the necessity of entrepreneur characteristics.
With 100 tips in the book, the author shows us how to spend most of our work time on the ‘critical inch’ of a business, abandon worry and fear. Instead, listening to our inner wisdom and get the practicality out of reflection. It also acts as a motivational book that describes we can make excuses, or we can make money, but we can’t do both.

Abundance is about all aspects of one’s life quality rather than only money, though. Apparently, it’s a good marketing strategy to state ‘Make Money’ on the cover to attract more readers, including me, to pick up the book. In each chapter, he provides one concept with how-to achieve and examples, such as Find a Mentor, Sell the Sizzle Not the steak, Just Once, Try Something Different.

Some of the concepts I believe we already have known of but forgotten. Or we are unsure where to use them, neither we aware of the benefits behind. Carlson tells us the ways that we can practically use them and explain the benefits of each. Although some examples the author mentioned sound unrealistic to me, I understand that it’s the core value, the spirit of the concept matters.

The book has also mentioned inner wisdom. To anyone who doesn’t know what it is, my understanding of inner wisdom is the answer that you get when you’re quiet, preferably alone, which has a sense of calmness within. It serves as a life tutor I suppose. If you ask a life-related question for example, ‘what if I’m a butterfly now, what would I do?’ The answer returns to your question will open a new door for your thinking.

To me it was ‘ I disconnect with human society, meaning that I don’t live by their definition of time, their drama, and their knowledge, even their understanding of life. I may simply reproduce.’

It needn’t be profound but it certainly widens your thinking, deepening your inner knowledge. If I add emotional mechanisms to the butterfly, there will be more unexpected questions manifest. The inner wisdom will respond to your questions regardless of how absurd, and I think this is really one of our greatest achievements as a human species.

Anyway, bullet points to take away from the book are:

– Believe in yourself
– Be aware of your thinking
– Eliminate fear and worry
– Be grateful for what you have, by having genuine appreciation each day
– Have fun!

I personally don’t follow all of the advice but many of them serve as great reminders when sometimes I need to make a decision or get stuck in thoughts. This is your book if you’re looking for a clear direction to life or improvement on personal growth.


Star rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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