Dlytos – Our second showcase

This is a dark, forest theme story that you’re about to watch. With three spiritual animals borning in a strange foreign land, they’re about to experience a conversion of forms and gain the emotional attachments through the theatre style. What would you do if you become a human from a bird?

Can you guess what animals are they?

I love this piece very much and I hope it can resonate with you in some ways.  Trilogy, a story that I wrote months ago, was based on these three animals going on an adventure. The idea sparked by Elaine, the general manager of HKSDDA.

The first showcase in The Box, we did back in this February was a thrilling experience! We had been choreographed and practiced the steps for three months before stepping on the black dancing mat in a room that could contain a hundred of people.

Although to this day, I still haven’t received the footage of that night. Rumors say I never will, not even after the successful colonisation of the Moon. But I’ll post it when I have it.

The first showcase is more appealing to me because it had an intense fight scene between the after transformation and the sweet peaceful triangle. And with the lightings and indoor space, the atmosphere was very different from the outdoor one you watch.

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