Self-Help Simplified Philosophical Perspective


Sometimes, our plate can only contain so much before it collapses.


Although when we come to this world, we didn’t have anything with us, the once naked baby is troubled by the discoveries of this world have to offer.

Ideas and thoughts sprout out from nothingness inhabiting on our plate. It’s as if a train cargo but only without the possible sight of seeing the end. We want this, we want that. Because there are so many things we want to have on our plate, so If we don’t know how to reduce or eliminate them, it will be fairly difficult for us to gain the focus on achieving our goals.

As we passing through the college, pieces of stuff are piling up at an unforeseeable rate. Clothing, books, gifts, favorite little things, or ostentatious decorations, they live up some parts of our memory and we thought they deserve a place to stay. There is no trouble until one day you have to do the house moving, or start living on your own. It’s no easy task for you to decide which ones to keep or give them away for good.


Stuff taking space is one thing, which can easily be solved by determination and action taken. The mental platter, on the other hand, requires additional effort and self-awareness to tickle.

There are millions of things we want to do if we have unlimited energy and being financially free. But the same as stuff taking up our space, very soon we forget what is important to us and what things can be giving away. When we lose focus, we lose sight to aim things we want to achieve. In school, we might try to catch up but can’t wrap our heads around the contexts we missed paying attention to. Some are lucky to have their parents assist or able to hire a private tutor, others are not very so.

Repetitive works numb our senses, and in return, we don’t know how to divide things no more. Like at work, continuous never-ending orders seem to wait for the moment to crash our excitement, the curiosity of exploration. If you let it slips, soon you will find yourself like all the other people, following the orders and letting things pass by. The animated figure lives for being entertained.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with it. This world offers every conceivable string you could imagine and everybody has a different lifestyle to live on.

By a simple walk from your home to the nearest coffee shop, you have generated a dozen thoughts and they might occupy you for the rest of the day. Most of them are mindless but give you a window of hope of something, though they remain very far away. Nevertheless, they tend to add up to your platter, taking very little space that you don’t realise till there are too many trivial thoughts you can take it no more.


The problem is not we have too many things on the plate, the problem is we don’t know how to divide them.

Like we do with our math homework, a sequence of numbers we need to divide, so we use an operation to help. But unlike our math homework, nobody is going to mark you which is correct, which is not. There will be no final score given by others but yourself.

So how to divide them:
1. List them out.
2. Do all of them. (As long as it takes)
That’s it.

If it’s travel, do it.

If it’s the skill, start building up a habit.

If it’s a course, take it.

It will never be wasting your time. IT WILL NEVER. Those are the things you wanted to do so do them.

Through doing all that, you will gain incredible life experience that you will appreciate yourself years down the road. It’s your mind and the fear blocking you from getting things done.

It’s only by trying them out, you can truly know what works what doesn’t, so you can let them go one by one. Some are best for you some just don’t. You will not regret because you did take action and try your best regardless of the outcome.

For instance, you want to do a backflip? Look around your locals and get connected with those who are experienced, professional. Attend classes and be ready for it. This is a plain example for you to grasp how simple, but determined it can be.

As you go on with all of your crazy plan, you start to divide them into different groups and sections, reducing the numbers as you go along, till a point that some groups will be forced to get out of the way. The speed of dividing depends on your ability. But you’re not competing with anyone else, so don’t worry.

It can be as simple as giving a hug to your family. The point of dividing all the mindless things inside your head, and turn them into action, is to take things off your chest.

If you never try you never know.

The true passionate things in you will stretch beyond times, believe it or not. There will be things you keep on doing in high and low times throughout your life and you still love doing them. Following your heart is the key to happiness and it doesn’t matter what that is, listen and it will tell. 

While testing them out, be aware of your thoughts in the future, so you can regulate them nicely. Soon enough, your plate will reduce to only a few things you care the most, whether it’s the family, the work or your loved ones or else, you will be very happy about your efforts and enjoy the things on this irreplaceable platter and cherish till it lasts.




Photos by Pixabay, Steve Johnson, Medhat Ayad from Pexels

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