Courage To Act

Cinematic experience
In a winter season
Where thick snows freeze the soul

Ice breeds the dark crawlings
Bursting out from the wish portal
Shape teeth with the tongue flapping
Guards were down a long ago

Roaring noise stretches the sky to grey
Saliva drips in toxic acids

These murder thousands in their sleep
Through the most fearful idea they can seed

Dare not to take action
Slowly reluctantly
The dream baby dies in vain

Dwelling on the rooftops invisible
Seeking the chained faces
Straying them to the void
Creatures giggle at the dumbs

Creeping through the wall
In the darkest hours
Leaning closer to these weaks
The opened jaw puffs a putrid smell
Before the cute walnut shape
Is cut off in a flash

The unseen realm evolves amongst our activities
Crazier than we think
The silent kill is the joy they thirst for

Glory and Hope, are what the realest dies for

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