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This is a video I filmed for my dearest friend and now I feel that I should share it with the world too so the encouragement contained within this video can spread throughout. Through dancing, although somewhere along the line you will most likely end up practicing with yourself a lot of times, the self-examining, […]

Physical health Self-Regulating System Collection

Healing • Ear Acupuncture – SRS

Introduction Think of our body is a complex, elastic vessel that contains a flow of colorless, transparent qi circulating within all the time. The outside forces, from nature (weather, temperature, etc) to material possession, to emotional influence, can affect the flowing stream. Once the qi is disrupted, it affects the regulation of organ systems, so […]

Physical health Self-Regulating System Collection

Healing • Chinese Medicine (Healthy Diet) – SRS

Our body is a natural mechanism existing in nature, so as diseases we’re dealing with. What do we do with the natural occurred problems? We need natural solutions. Back in the days, the ancient Chinese had already started to treat foods as natural healing substances that include grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, algae, […]