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This is a video I filmed for my dearest friend and now I feel that I should share it with the world too so the encouragement contained within this video can spread throughout. Through dancing, although somewhere along the line you will most likely end up practicing with yourself a lot of times, the self-examining, […]



Hi! Feel the motion and music as my body moves, the constant of flicking movements exists in only one moment till it’s gone. It’s what freestyle all about. Yann Tiersen’s music has always been a self-exploring voyage in a vast sea. I might do some other style in the future, but for now, I’m indulging […]

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Before battling, what am I thinking?

Scars and multiple unforgettable injuries have been thickened my timid heart throughout the years of living. I still remember the first battle, after I’d luckily gone through the pre-selection, I was standing on a spot where two large spotlights cast on the basketball playground indoor. My heart was beating like a working defibrillator, mixing with high doses of adrenaline threading through […]