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Becoming the One

Everybody can be the One. The-One is a concept that you can apply in all aspects of your life.

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In the last article, we talked about a way to simplify the information so you could understand them. It was the two-side concept made everything easy. Today, we’ll be talking about the line goes in between. Balance/equilibrium would be the term(s) I add to the line as its definition. They use interchangeably in our regular basis.


First, we’ll discuss the term ‘equilibrium’.

From a world perspective, everything tries to achieve a state of equilibrium. Take the recent trade war between two powerful nations and Brexit for example, when all parties can find their mutual concession there will be a deal. The disputes continue because the scale doesn’t balance to some.

In our universe, from the big bang till now, all particles exist to achieve the final state, equilibrium, regardless of their functionality or the direction they go. Once it’s settled, their job is done.

Zooming back to our lives, from the moment we born till the day we get lied down in a coffin, we’re the point going toward the state of equilibrium.

Because we live in this three-dimensional world with one temporal dimension, the time, going to one direction. In an abstract sense, we’re the time in this 3D world, but that’s for another topic!

As we now know what equilibrium means to us, we can use the balance to adjust our living.

When we’re still alive, we have all the chances to put ourselves in a balancing position depending on how we distribute the energy. You can go very extreme and find the balancing point for yourselves.

The balancing point is the most conformable position for you, and it’ll make everything naturally flow. Take our digestive system for example, we consume food, in exchange for energy. Our body will convert the needed nutrients for us, and remove the unwanted waste material through defecation. The digestive system is the scale and it balances our body energy needs throughout our lifetime. You can eat that ice cream anytime if you can balance the effect of what it would do to your body.

Everybody looks for balance. Many people spend their entire life chasing something far away, neglecting to balance what they most need for their success.

When you balance, you become the One. You’re not siding each side, but you’re weighing the black and white every time. To me, this is the position I like the most.

Becoming the One is easy. All you need is to review the past what you’ve done, the present what you’re doing, what are you planning to do, and think for the future, while sticking to your plan and goal.

In every aspect, you’ll find the balance of it. Here are examples for you to get started: health, work, enjoyment, leisure, sleep.

Remember the progression stage I’ve talked about in doing exercising? I used the same concept and apply to my daily basis for a detailed planning and depth analysis of what am I doing.

I defined as four stages:

Planning stage
Resting stage
Production stage
Unwinding stage

In it, you fill out whatever things needed to be done.

Here is an example chart for your reference:

Cj's stages.png

I’d drawn a time clock in the middle to remind myself the time strain on each task, mentally calculating for the rough proximity. It’s up to you if you want to draw the clock or to be precise about the time of every task. I find it more productive and willingly go back to what I’ve been doing when I don’t force myself too much. As long as you’re able to track your time here and there for better management, you’re fine. For illustration, I did it on a computer, but normally I’d do it on a piece of paper. Whichever the way is comfortable to you, do it.

The main purpose of the stages visualisation is that you know how much time you’re siding to each category in a day and what are the important tasks for you to be successful. Soon you’ll realise each task will be taking more than your expected time to finish, and knowing the necessity of balancing each stage, you will become more aware of what needed to be done, and in turn, you will be more efficient in all stages in the long run as you’re getting rid of what things will drag you down. The more honesty you put in, the faster the result you’ll see. The next review of this progression stage will be in two weeks after you’ve made the chart.

As you go along, you can add more stages under the four main stage. Like Practicing stage, studying stage, etc. Whatever you feel like they’re important to you, you can put into the chart. Once you’ve done it, sit back and think about it. Remember to take baby steps first before thinking of flying.

When you become the One, you’re truly living up the phrase ‘ Be yourself’. You have the scale to weight whatever comes at you and you’re the decision-maker of your own. It’s the most fun part of living a life.


The world has lots of things we’d never get enough of. The symbol of Taoism not only tells you the origin of life but also teaches you to live one. I’m one of the beneficiaries of this ancient symbol.

Was this article helpful? What is your progression stage like? I’d love to hear all about them. Thanks for reading!

Photos by Dušan Smetana, Hush Naidoo from Unsplash

A side note:
Using a Chinese perspective to learn rich Chinese history is a blessing. With other languages I learnt, they grow me as a person I’d like to be. In turn, I would like to shed some lights on Chinese characters and ways to understand those characters in the future so you can see for yourself, feeling the world that I’m living in. If I can do it you can do it too. It’s incredible I promised!



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