Ballooning at Yarra Valley

I took a week off and went to a wine region for a recharge. The area was about one-hour drive northeast from Melbourne city. Though I only tried their welcoming champagne despite the wine was what they famous in town, I had an incredible experience from joining hot air ballooning.

Starting when the sun slowly climbed up to his seat, a group of people, including me, were gathering in a park in Bulleen, where grapes and cows raised in this padding Greenlands. We stood in lines and divided by two groups on each side to listen to the instructions given by the instructors, to be ready for the takeoff. I held the half cup of coffee tightly to feel the warmth against the cold temperature.

With the flamethrower bursting to the hollow giant balloon, we left the ground swiftly. When the balloon rose up steadily, the fear of height starting to subside, although it never completely gone, the quietude possessed me. I rested my hands from taking pictures, leaning back to the corner and absorbing the scene and the sounds of nature. Other than the flamethrower and people giving reactions to the sight, it was only the sound of the wind. The fresh air was streaming through my nostrils.

It took about twenty five minutes for us to reach to the height of the hazy sky. It’s quite romantic if you consider the mechanic part of the ballooning – We were basically lived up the phrase ‘ let the wind takes us wherever we go.’

Passing the smoothing grey, around 3500ft, we arrived at the breathtaking view of morning sunrise. I inhaled the air greedily, a moment of me concerning that I may not be able to have such fresh air when I got back down.DSC_1085.JPG

Absolutely stunning!

Look at these good people I was with!

There was a reflecting moment as I was writing this article, I thought of Galileo and Leonardo. What would they think if they could have been on a flying balloon, which the mechanisms were based on the inspiration and contribution of their lifeworks more or less.

Through the amazing landscapes and surreal experience floating in the sky, above all those cumulus clouds, I realised that everybody has an equal chance to get what they want in life. Although our starting point might be different from one another, the decisions we make every time will lead us to the paths we want. Fear will always be there, but we can choose not to think of it. We’re a free spirit of everything. What we need to do is to sit back and enjoy where the journey takes us.

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