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Back to the street – Back to the basics – HK


As we all know Hong Kong is an abundant, exuberant city that consists of diverse people from all around the world. However, the limited land use has always been an issue to satisfy everyone demands. Living in a crowded city, regulations must impose and follow to ensure each party deserves their own rights. The street dance culture is sculptured under such influences.

Before the internet was widely accessed, fewer Hong Kongeses knew what break dancing was. The first people, who were teenagers at the time, had taken this new dance form onto the street, outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, where Victoria harbor was inches away. While the fundamental of street dancing was to dance on the street, complaints had been made over the noises of the music. It forced them to look elsewhere for practicing and began their ordeal of looking fitting places. Jumping from one district to another, receiving the persistent prohibited warnings due to different reasons, slowly and gradually, street dancers vanished from the public eyes.

Intolerance makes street art impossible to thrive. Basically, any art form to thrive.

While it’s understandable the noises may affect the neighborhoods’ quietude, other reasons such as dancers gather to do an illegal activity or bringing the bad influence to the district are nonsense, assumption over substantiality.

As the first three generations grow older and wiser, they also realise the immediate need of educating the youth that street dancers come from the street not from the studio. They want to tackle the bad labels of street dancing such as, ill-educated, drug use, or the edged teens activity, while urging the government to provide a public place for dance purposes, the same idea as football has its football field.

Although the real street dance element has been strangled, the forms of dance are having great success by commercials use.

Breaking, Hip-hop, Popping, and other dances create a booming opportunity for dance studios to raise. Their promotional efforts have successfully reached to the majority but also re-branded street dance as fitness and stretching, in order to attract high schoolers and other ages of groups.

Without the dance music pervading the streets, a city indeed lacks a fresh cultural symbol and a love of unity. No matter how hard the government tries to promote the arts culture of HK, the essential element has already been missing since from the start. An art piece needs space and time to cultivate the best possible outcome; it’s the same as the people who devote their lives to dancing.

When the outsiders come to visit this modern city they merely see the hard-working people and busy traffics in a walled land, waiting, for the next fun events to join in on the night-outs.

To transcend this matter we need to bring another landscape to the cosmopolitan city, letting people know that there isn’t one way of forming communities. That we can all share the same value as well as respecting divergent opinions and beliefs. That we all want to progress the city better. We are welcome oversea people come and explore the city has to offer, while exchange the knowledge and cultural values.

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