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It might sound a strange concept to you right now that we need to roll our body, but it’s an easy way to “warm and wake” our body up.

We need to rotate our body parts often to revitalise the areas, and the “rolling” method is for that.

Rolling is a way to isolate body parts and move around them. Have you seen some of the popping dancers who can isolate their head and you think they might be breaking it for a second?
Well, we’re using the fundamental aspect of that technique and apply it to our “Rolling”.

As we isolate the parts of our body, we can feel the part individually if they need improvement or help.

The benefits of Rolling are noteworthy. Besides the immediate relief of stiffness in parts as we roll, Rolling helps us move our internal organs around, as well as the Qi. As we’ve discussed a few articles back about Qi and organs, actively regulate our internal organs helps their inner intricate networks to do the jobs faster and better. Surely enough, stay hydrated is also important.

Here is a youtube video that suggests moving the organs by a similar rolling method. The concept is similar, so if you’re looking for a reference, this clip might give you an idea. However, instead of imagining the organs, I tend to feel the parts of muscles and roll them as if doing exercise.

The primary rotation is either vertically or horizontally circular.
Here is the example:

*The power level is about 2~3.5.

As you can see here, I was rolling vertically on the back of the left side of the shoulder, then switching it to the right. When I moved onto the back of my chest, it was then horizontally circular rolling.

You can also roll the wrist, and basically any other parts of the body you can think of. Waist, hips, pelvis, ankles and so on.

If applying “Rolling” to the warm-up routine; before the sport starts, it can avoid unnecessary injury from negligence, as you’re more connected with the body.

So the example above is Small Rolling. For Big Rolling, the .gif below, is more about limb rotation.

Other than rolling the arms, you can lay down and open the legs, as the toes pointing to the air, to roll the lower limbs.

It’s good for joints rotation and maintaining internal breathing while we do. Think about it, the sprinting day to day basis seems to forbidden such exercise to even come across our mind. But we do need to rotate ourselves.

Good rotations on our joints and muscles make differences in the long run. We revitalise the parts that are otherwise be sitting on.

So when to implement:

  • Be part of your pre-training routine, or anytime you feel like somewhere is stiff.

For how long:

  • Seconds to minutes

Tip(s) for during it:

  • Speed control. Be sure to go over the edge of the rolling area slowly, to feel the range and power.
  • Think of using your back muscles while you do.
  • feeling it is important.
  • if you can roll with the rhythm where music is provided, it is more fun! And who knows? You might be the next dancer. 🙂


  • To rotate your muscles and bones, and of course, to feel better as a whole.

Photo by Luca Bravo, Markus Winkler, Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash 

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