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A Better View On Aging – Section II

The last article showed the technical side of the convoluted aging process and how it impacts us in such a way that our contribution to daily living equally affects the outcome of us growing old.

In this article, we’ll talk about death.

Death is inevitable, the same as the fathomable truth about our galaxy is being further away from other galaxies instantaneously.
So our future humans might have to accept the situation that they are indeed alone in the universe, surrounded by complete darkness, assumably we would have been lucky enough to propel our technological advancement to the type 3 civilisation and beyond. They might not even know the universe was once shinning across the Milky Way if our preservation doesn’t handle properly with time. From the potentiality of civil war, space war to silence particular truth of something with fire and violence, there are many unknowns we can’t predict for the far future ahead of us. But the fact that the speed of each astronomical object is increasing and moving away from one another startles many, i mean why wouldn’t they?

If our universe has constructed in this way; explode and cease, explore then expand, collapse then reborn, our death seems to be more acceptable, perhaps.

But either way, immortality could be equally destructive as the death itself, in terms of humankind as a whole.

Imagine an immortal person, he can put every project off because, in theory, he can do them four centuries from now.

Life would have been unchallenged or even unsatisfied in a way that the motive of living organisms will probably die out comparing to many aspects of how we live and the idea of passing on our genes to secure our kinships will be unimportant in a sense.

It might be good to fantasize about the possibilities but I do believe that death has pushed our humankind to evolve to this day of age along with a lot of significant achievements. From the internet to skyscrapers, to landing on another planet with very sophisticated machines, as well as classical Beethoven’s symphonies in music, these accomplishments would not happen without the terminal element of death exists in the reality and its idea deeply rooted in our thoughts subconsciously.

Therefore, knowing we’ll one day die, it becomes less horror and rather, an encouragement for us to reflect upon. Death might be the ultimate force we can harvest to push our potential to achieve our set goals. Be like our ancestors like Beethoven, or whichever historical figure you admire.

The death might be invisible, but the reflection of death we can always feel around us which is the evolution of every living kind.

What we sometimes overlook the death in the overall picture though is that it’s like a phoenix, death is only a part of the process to give birth to something newer, something brighter, like generational waves. This cycle of death and reborn has been encircled since the existence of time. So, for whatever hardships you’re facing now, dare to stand up on both of your feet, stand up for yourself as no one else can do it for you. This death will breed something greater down the road. Our actions will determine the final outcome of our life since we’re gifted with free wills.

Taking care of our health is now more important than ever in this regard, as we want to extend our “good time” while being in the absence of sickness so we can enjoy our journey with ease.

What do you think about death? Share with me in the comments down below!

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