Short story

X City – Prologue

Money ruled the world. The statement was almost true. To Neveda, a mining company that laid their finger onto every valuable product on Earth, money meant nothing. In a parallel universe, an earth-like planet existed much like our own, following the basic principles of energy interaction and common understandings. Though the minerals and natural elements […]



We drift by the strands of thought searching wandering to the far future We revisit the past watching reliving the reminiscence of flashing moments Destroy the timelapse is a waste of time cos our fingerprints have been stamped on the everlasting wall From the perfect start To the finish line Our minds are unsettled by […]


Stretch it up!

There are many poses with different variations for you to choose from. Sometimes we might get confused by the overwhelming selection. Therefore, before stretching we need to develop our stretching system. Because everybody has their own needs and conditions, I’m using body parts as the foundation layout so you can develop upon according to your […]



Sharp like a blade It slices through the mental The movement will twist when you’re not looking In the pond it lives requires a different thinking to dive in To the deep state, where powermoves dwell inside a vessel The red, the written words, the stories envelop in veins They make up of a warrior […]